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Professor Chiu Ming Ming Wins Two International Grants

Professor CHIU, Ming Ming | Chair Professor of Analytics and Diversity and Director, Assessment Research Centre

Professor Chiu Ming Ming, Chair Professor of Analytics and Diversity, and Director of the Centre for Brain and Education at The Education University of Hong Kong, recently won two massive grants from the US Department of Education.


The two projects – worth a combined total of almost HK$30 million – will help improve the language abilities of educators in Indiana, USA.

The first project seeks to improve the teaching and family outreach skills of US teachers by improving their Spanish speaking skills.

Professor Chiu and his team also hope to improve English language family engagement, teacher quality, student achievement in English language arts, as well as achieve increased language proficiency in Spanish and English. 


The second study aims to increase the English language development capacities of educators. This should improve family engagement, teacher quality and student achievement in literacy and English language learning. 


The results of both studies will be used to advocate for policy change.