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Outstanding Researchers Named Rising Stars by APS

Dr Kevin Chan Ka-sing, Dr Ivan Poon Kai-tak at the Department of Psychology and Dr Rebecca Cheung Yuen-man at the Department of Early Childhood Education each recently received the Rising Star Award from the Association for Psychological Science (APS). The award recognises psychology researchers in the earliest stages of their careers whose innovative work has advanced the field.


Dr Chan examined the impact of societal stigma on recovery from mental illness. His work used evidence to inform the development of community-based stigma reduction programmes and recovery-oriented mental health services.


“It is such an honour for us to be selected as an APS Rising Star,” Dr Chan said. “I think the achievement is a testament to the outstanding work that the Departments, the Faculty, and the University are doing in developing a vibrant research environment and building a strong research culture. I think we will keep up the good work.”


Dr Poon examined the impact of social ostracism and rejection. He also investigated factors that help people cope with poor treatment by others. “I feel honoured to be named as one of the 2018 APS Rising Stars,” Dr Poon said. “This achievement would not have been possible without the support from my mentors, collaborators and students. I also thank the Department, Faculty, and University for providing me with the opportunities and resources to conduct my research.”


Dr Cheung studied the processes underlying mental health and adjustment, from early childhood to emerging adulthood. “I am honoured and grateful to be recognised as one of the APS Rising Stars alongside my wonderful colleagues. I thank all of my friends, collaborators and mentors for making our research meaningful, important, fun and innovative!” Dr Cheung said.