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Outstanding Researchers Honoured by Association for Psychological Science


Dr Ian Lam, Associate Professor at the Department of Early Childhood Education, and Dr Ronnel King, Assistant Professor at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, have received recognition from the Association for Psychological Science (APS). 


Dr Lam and Dr King have each received an APS Rising Star Award, which recognises psychology researchers in the earliest stages of their careers whose innovative work has advanced the field. Among all universities in Greater China, only EdUHK researchers received the award, and only three awards were given in Asia. 


Dr Lam examined how parent-child, marital and sibling relationships affect youth adjustment. He gave public seminars, interviewed with the media and wrote parenting tips on Facebook. “I am very honoured for being selected as one of the APS’s Rising Stars. I am also very grateful to many colleagues for the generous opportunities to try different new things at this early stage of my career”, he said.  


Dr King examined key factors that underpin student motivation and well-being, and developed interventions to improve them. “I feel very grateful for receiving the APS Rising Star Award”, he commented. “It is great recognition for an early career researcher. I would like to thank all my collaborators and friends for making research an exciting and wonderful journey. This success is not just my achievement but also reflects the strong research culture that the University and the faculty have built over the years.”