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Dr Liu Duo Appointed Associate Editor by Journal of Learning Disabilities

Dr LIU, Duo Phil | Head and Associate Professor, Department of Special Education and Counselling

Dr Liu Duo, Associate Professor of the Department of Special Education and Counselling at The Education University of Hong Kong, was appointed Associate Editor by the Journal of Learning Disabilities in July 2017. The journal is rated A* in the area of special education. It is a multidisciplinary, international journal that presents work and comments related to learning disabilities.


Dr Liu’s research focuses on cognitive development, especially concerning language and literacy development and related difficulties. He has published a number of journal articles with impact on his research areas. His paper entitled “What Is Morphological Awareness? Tapping Lexical Compounding Awareness in Chinese Third Graders”, published in the Journal of Educational Psychology in 2010, was recently ranked 472 out of 9,692 articles in the category “Psychology Educational” by Web of Science.