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EdUHK President’s Commendation Scheme Recognises Outstanding Students

The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) announced today (7 June) the list of awardees for the President’s Commendation Scheme, 2023/24 academic year. The Scheme recognises students’ outstanding achievements in areas beyond academic studies.  

In this year’s edition, three students received the President’s Commendation Award – the Scheme’s highest level of recognition – for their distinguished performance in the areas of Community Service, Leadership and Sports; while another three students were awarded the President’s Appreciation Award.

EdUHK President Professor John Lee Chi-Kin offered his congratulations to all awardees. “EdUHK is determined to promote students’ whole-person development. The awardees have demonstrated their courage in facing challenges and striving for excellence on campus, as well as commitment to serve the community in their daily lives. We hope that they will continue to use their strengths to radiate positive energy and contribute to society.”

The Acting Dean of Students, Vice President (Research and Development) Professor Chetwyn Chan Che-hin also showed his appreciation to the awardees for their excellence. “The students perfectly highlight the diverse and vibrant campus life at EdUHK, enabling students to showcase their talents and excel in various fields, to unleash their potential and demonstrate outstanding abilities in different domains,” he said.

Jennifer Ho Yan-har, who won the President’s Commendation Award (Leadership), is on the Master of Arts in Child and Family Education Programme. She expressed gratitude to EdUHK for the recognition and encouragement she received, “By participating in various activities and serving the community, I have broadened my horizons.”

Wong Man-ching who is studying for a Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Physical Education) received the President’s Commendation Award (Sports) for her long-held passion for playing beach volleyball. “This serves as a reward for all of the effort I have put in. I hope it will also help increase students' awareness of beach volleyball.” 

Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Chinese Language) student Chan Tsz-ying is passionate about serving the community, and actively participates in volunteer service. For this reason, she was named winner of the President’s Commendation Award (Community Service). “Engaging in volunteering activities has made me more proactive and outgoing. With this, I wish to continue to embody the spirit of ‘people helping people’."


Emily Cheung Yu-yi, studying for a  Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Business, Accounting and Financial Studies), is one of the awardees of the President’s Appreciation. “With a mindset of not being too concerned with trivial matters, I try to understand individuals’ needs by actively participating in serving schools and the community. This enables me to help myself and others,” she said.

Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Physical Education) student Sze Yan-yee is also a President’s Appreciation awardee. She is passionate about handball. “Whenever I hold a handball, I cast all my worries aside. I am proud of this award, which helps motivate me to face challenges head-on”.

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) student Tam Tsz-wai was also awarded the President’s Appreciation. She is a dedicated female dragon boat athlete. “Engaging in dragon boat racing not only develops my fighting spirit but also pushes me to constantly improve myself!" she said.

The President’s Commendation Scheme is open to all full-time students enrolled at EdUHK. It recognises students’ performance in the areas of Arts and Culture, Community Service, Leadership, Sports, and Innovation, Science and Technology. Since its inception in 2010, over 140 students and groups have been awarded. For the brief biographies of the awardees in the 2023/24 academic year, please visit: