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EdUHK President’s Awards Honour Outstanding Staff

The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) held a ceremony today (19 May) for the President’s Awards for Outstanding Performance in Teaching, Research, Knowledge Transfer and Administrative Services 2022/23. On the occasion, EdUHK President Professor Stephen Cheung Yan-leung presented the awards to eight staff members and three teams for their exceptional achievements and contributions. 
Professor Cheung said he was particularly pleased to see so many happy faces and share the joy with the resumption of normalcy. He congratulated the staff on their outstanding performance, “Your hard work, perseverance and passion have resulted in the fruitful outcome. There are no shortcuts to success. With our colleagues’ support and dedication, I believe the University will be able to surmount challenges in the future and go from strength to strength.”


Established in 2011/12, the President’s Awards recognise and encourage individual and team achievements, and foster the University’s commitment to a performance-driven culture. The award recipients are as follows:


Outstanding Performance in Teaching

Individual Award (General Faculty Member Category)

  • Dr Yang Lan, Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction 

Outstanding Performance in Research

Individual Award (Research Excellence Award)

  • Dr Chan Man-ho, Associate Professor, Department of Science and Environmental Studies
  • Dr Matsunobu Koji, Associate Professor, Department of Cultural and Creative Arts

Individual Award (Early Career Research Excellence Award)


  • Dr Sun Daner, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Information Technology 
  • Dr Tong Xiuhong, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Dr Wang Hui, Assistant Professor, Department of Special Education and Counselling 

Outstanding Performance in Knowledge Transfer

Individual Award


  • Dr Hung Keung, Associate Professor, Department of Cultural and Creative Arts 
  • Dr Leung Ka-man, Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Physical Education

Team Award

Department of Early Childhood Education (ECE)

  • Dr Eva Lau Yi-hung, Associate Professor
  • Dr Li Jianbin, Assistant Professor
  • Dr Pauline Chan Po-lin, Senior Lecturer I
  • Dr Sam Cheung Sum-kwing, Assistant Professor

Outstanding Performance in Administrative Services

Team Award 

Centre for Child and Family Science

  • Miss Vicky Yam, Project Officer
  • Miss Hilary Ho Chiu-yee, Project Assistant
  • Mr Joe Ng Tsz-him, Project Assistant

School Partnership and Field Experience Office 

  • Ms Jamie Tsang Yi-nga, Executive Officer I
  • Ms Mandy Chan Wing-yin, Executive Officer II
  • Miss Alison Yuen King-yee, Executive Officer II
  • Miss Kitty Fung Ka-yan, Project Officer
  • Ms Diana Sze Mei-sum, Clerical Officer I
  • Ms Virginia Chan Kin-ying, Clerical Officer II
  • Miss Ada Chan Yim-wai, Executive Assistant
  • Ms Amanda Kwan Ngai-ka, Executive Assistant
  • Miss Li Yee-mun, Executive Assistant
  • Miss Kit Lim Kit-ying, Executive Assistant