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Life and Values Education Animated Series Project

‘The Life and Values Education Animated Series’ developed by The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) features Chinese and foreign historical figures, including Yue Fei, Bao Zheng, Guan Yu, Zheng Chenggong, Ti Ying, Feng Zikai, Lian Po and Lin Xiangru, Zi Gong, Socrates and Florence Nightingale. Students can develop moral characters and positive values by learning from the historical figures’ good deeds and achievements.

By integrating ‘life and values education’ and ‘innovative teaching’, the project facilitates students’ pleasurable learning of moral values and consolidates their learning outcomes. Each animated video is complemented with a teaching plan designed for junior secondary and senior primary students, which includes a variety of teaching methods and learning activities to enrich students’ learning experience. For example, students can create social media posts for the historical figures and conduct role-plays to perform different tasks.


The University hopes that those resources not only provide support to schools, but also promote the collaborative efforts of the Hong Kong education sector in responding to the rising needs of values education. In addition to the animations, EdUHK also provides detailed lesson plans and worksheets for teachers’ ease of reference. Inter-school quiz competitions will also be organised to further enhance their learning effectiveness.


All animations have been uploaded to the Project’s website ( for schools and the public to use free of charge.