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UNEVOC Centre (Hong Kong) Holds Symposium on Green Transition

A symposium on how to transition to a green lifestyle was held by the UNEVOC Centre (Hong Kong) at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), with support from the UNESCO Beijing office, at the end of February. 

The event, held at the EdUHK campus, was attended by people from a wide variety of backgrounds, including industry, youth organisations, educators and students. The participants examined the role of education in supporting the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and discussed creating joint projects to identify shared strategies and solutions, as well as promotional activities, to raise student and public awareness. 

Climate change, environmental degradation, rapid urbanisation and other challenges require a significant transformation of growth-oriented and fossil-fuel-intensive economies. Changes in consumption patterns are vital, and youth is perceived as the most active agent of change that can support green transition. Within this context, a two-day symposium was held, entitled ‘Empowering Youth – Skills for Green Innovation: Fostering Green Transition to a Sustainable Future’.

The event was split into four sessions with a particular focus on aspects of greening and innovation. Professor Chetwyn Chan Che-hin, Vice President (Research and Development) of EdUHK, highlighted the achievements of the University in supporting the SDGs and the need to continue to cultivate a sustainable development culture on campus. Mr Robert Parua, from the UNESCO Beijing office, welcomed these efforts and emphasised the role UNESCO plays in supporting international and local partnerships to address challenges of green transition. He also spoke of how the UNEVOC Centre (Hong Kong) had supported the SDGs agenda over the years. Dr Margarita Pavlova, Director of the Centre and  Associate Head of  EdUHK’s Department of International Education, organised the event and spoke on establishing a fair and inclusive green transition for all.

The symposium adopted a strong focus on identifying how to actively engage young people and empower them through various policies and initiatives related to sustainable development and climate change. EdUHK is a leading university in the Asia Pacific that nurtures educators and social leaders through its diverse research and academic programmes. Its strategic plan for 2025 emphasises the promotion of sustainability in terms of greening infrastructure and curriculum development. Active engagement of students is a priority.