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HK$140m Generated from Knowledge Transfer Activities

Research outputs and knowledge transfer activities are focus areas of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). Despite the constraints imposed by the pandemic, the University has continued to develop, promote and encourage such initiatives. In 2019/20, revenue generated from knowledge transfer activities amounted to HK$140 million. This came from continued professional development courses, professional conferences, commissioned or contract projects, partnership and consultancy projects, and commercialisation of research and development outcome and intellectual properties.


The University’s commitment to knowledge transfer activities has been rewarded with 22 awards in total at the International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada 2020 and International Innovation and Invention Competition 2020 in Taiwan. The innovations cover educational technology for language learners, educational practitioners and learners with special educational needs, as well as other research areas, such as arts and culture, and environmental technologies.


To further promote such initiatives, EdUHK is dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial culture within the University community through the Education and Social Entrepreneurs Fund Scheme launched in 2018, which provides start-ups with seed grants, comprehensive entrepreneurship training, as well as networking and marketing opportunities.