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Opposition to Rezoning of Tung Tsz Green Belt


The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) objected to the proposed rezoning of Tung Tsz for a residential development project in its submission to the Town Planning Board today (8 November).

Adverse traffic impact, intrusive land use, incompatible building height and density, and environmental nuisance were among the key areas of concern raised during the University’s consultation with staff and students.

An EdUHK spokesperson said, “Apart from fundamentally and adversely changing the nature of the Green Belt, we are of the view that this ‘destroy first, build later’ practice sends the wrong signal to other developers. The rezoning and subsequent development will result in irreversible damage to the natural landscape of the area, given its ecological and conservation value.

“Despite our repeated complaints, we regret that over the past decade, the relevant authorities have failed to take the necessary regulatory actions to stop the continued illegal and improper activities, including debris and waste dumping, vehicle parking and repair yards, and erection of various types of suspected unauthorised structures.”

Details of the EdUHK’s submission are attached.


The Tung Tsz Green Belt Zone in November 2019.

The Tung Tsz Green Belt Zone in November 2019.

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