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Positive Education Conference: Cultivating Wellbeing with Mindfulness Cum I-WELL’s 3rd Anniversary Ceremony

正向教育研討會:以靜觀 / 正念培育幸福暨整全成長發展中心三週年慶祝活動

Over the past four decades, mindfulness-based interventions (e.g. MBSR and MBCT) have been influential in promoting wellbeing in physical and mental health in the evidence-based setting. Recently various developed second-generation mindfulness programmes have been brought from the West to Hong Kong to cater for the needs of specific communities in education, for examples, ‘MindUP”, “.b” and “Paws b” programmes for students in school setting; “MYmind” for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and their parents, etc. This conference aims to bring mindfulness academics and experts together from local and overseas to share recent related research and experiences of practices in school education, parenting and communities to promote and flourish the wellbeing of teachers, students and parents in Hong Kong.

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  • 主辦單位
    • 特殊教育與輔導學系
  • 日期
    • 2019-06-11 ~ 2019-06-11
  • 時間
    • 09:40 ~ 16:30
  • 地點
    • 香港教育大學大埔校園田家炳演講廳 (D1-LP-02)
  • 電話
    • 2948 8893/2948 8626

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