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About EdUHK

* (1) including Centre for Brain and Education
      Centre for Child and Family Science
      Centre for Lifelong Learning Research and Development
      Centre for Psychosocial Health
      Integrated Centre for Wellbeing
  (2) including Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
      Centre for Religious and Spirituality Education
      Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education
  (3) including Centre for Popular Culture in the Humanities
      Centre for Research on Linguistics and Language Studies
      Research Centre for Chinese Literature and Literary Culture
  (4) including Centre for Greater China Studies
      Centre for Education in Environmental Sustainability
  (5) including Resource Centre for Interdisciplinary and Liberal Studies
** (6) : Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and Peter T.C. Lee Chair Professor of Health Studies is charged to oversee the School of Continuing and Professional Education, an EdUHK subsidiary