Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences


The Resource Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies and Experiential Learning (RCISEL) supports the curriculum development, learning and teaching, and knowledge transfer activities of the university. Also, this Resource Centre shall move beyond conventional experiential learning by developing new forms of understanding and imagination, which will be generated through meaningful engagement in experiential learning in interdisciplinary studies in different local, regional and even global contexts. This Resource Centre shall also explore how to incorporate different learning themes in the nexus between interdisciplinary studies and experiential learning. One future development pathway is aiming for more research outputs following from implementing commissioned/competitive projects and international conferences. Upscaling the research and social impacts shall be the directions.

With a new management structure implemented in 2021/22, this Resource Centre can benefit from having new sources of funding. Some possible key projects would include:

  •  Competitive/commissioned projects/ tenders/ consultancy/ services;
  •  Regular seminars on interdisciplinary studies and/ or experiential learning;
  •  Knowledge transfer activities for education, social and public sectors;
  •  Staff training for primary and secondary education, social and public sectors; 
  •  Conferences/ seminars on interdisciplinary studies/ experiential learning