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About Us

Our Mission

The Centre for Psychosocial Health (originally named as Centre for Psychosocial Health and Ageing) was established in December 2012 under the Faculty of Education and Human Development. The mission of the Centre is to develop cutting-edge research programs that will (a) enhance the community’s awareness and knowledge of the psychosocial aspects of health, and (b) inform private and public sector policy. The Centre aims to pull together a critical, multidisciplinary mass within HKIEd to facilitate collaboration and to raise the current level of research based primarily on the isolated efforts of individual researchers, and to provide the necessary expertise and infrastructure for the sustainable conduct of such research and its translation into improving psychosocial health at individual, family and community levels.


Our Objectives

  • To serve as a collaborative, multidisciplinary hub of science and translational in the broad field of behavioral health through a unique combination of high level, cross-disciplinary expertise drawn from psychology, medical and nursing sciences, allied health sciences, and other social sciences
  • To establish local and international partnerships that advance the stated research agenda
  • To engender a research culture that goes beyond the boundaries of individual research groups by stimulating and motivating established researchers, and fostering the development of new researchers within an environment of mutual support and respect
  • To translate findings of our research programs into new and better models of health promotion
  • To provide evidence-based psychological services for the purpose of health promotion or the management of health problems
  • To provide education and training on the psychosocial aspects of health for healthcare professionals in order to improve services as well as health literacy to patients and their families

Psychological Assessment and Clinical Research Unit (PACRU)

The Psychological Assessment and Clinical Research Unit was established in 2017 under the Centre for Psychosocial Health, Faculty of Education and Human Development in the Education University of Hong Kong. The Unit operates as a service and a research unit. Apart from providing various specialized psychological services to the general public, the Unit also conducts research projects that are relevant to human cognitive, behavioural, and emotional functioning.

Details: https://www.eduhk.hk/pacru/

Upcoming activity: 「童心知多啲」講座  (9 December 2017, Saturday, 2-5pm)

Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/IJtqvIF7fSa0Ix713

Following an overwhelming response, all places for registration have been filled. If you are interested to enquire about our services, please contact us by phone (29488725) or email (pacru@eduhk.hk). Thank you for your support!