Built upon the longstanding strength of The Education University of Hong Kong and the Faculty of Education and Human Development on research and practice in school settings and the existing strength of Department of Psychology in health and community psychology, the mission of the Centre for Psychosocial Health (CPH) is two-fold:

  • Establish the evidence base for scalable interventions and education to enhance public mental health
  • Conduct research and develop practice in school settings to the existing strength of CPH in health and community psychology
Current Focus
  • Enhance community well-being
  • Elucidate social psychological processes for health promotion
  • Promote positive health in schools
Overarching Theme
  • Psychosocial Health
  • Stress Adaptation and Resilience
  • Positive Health in School and Community Settings
  • Interaction between Physical and Mental Health
  • Interpersonal Science in School and Community Settings


Dr. HOU Wai Kai

Director of Centre for Psychosocial Health

Dr. LAW Wilbert

Co-Director of Centre for Psychosocial Health