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《Giving is Receiving》Project


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Since January, Hong Kong people have kept fighting against the COVID-19 virus and it is not surprise that the public has emerged the anti-pandemic fatigue. In view of this, Student Affairs Office of the Education University of Hong Kong organizes the 《Giving is Receiving》 Project from 7 September to 30 September.


Project Details

The《Giving is Receiving》 Project encourages EdUHK students, staff and community members to design unique blessing cards, artworks and handicrafts for the caretakers and service recipients in elderly homes, elderly centres, hospitals and SEN schools so as to promote caring culture. Participating organizations would also set up collection boxes to collect positive messages from the general public and send back to EdUHK students and staff in return. We hope to collect more than 1000 messages from the different participating organizations throughout this project so that we can create a love and care community.



Physical copies

Digital copies

Collecting items

1.  Blessing cards

(Provided by SAO or self-designed)

2.  Artworks

3.  Handicrafts

1.  DIY E- cards

2.  Pictures

3.  Videos

4.  Audios

Points to note

Size requirement
Within A5



Flower petals, dust powder, materials with scent or any other decorations that may cause allergy are prohibited.


Limited by the needs of the receivers for the project, the works submitted should not have any pop-up objects.


Kind reminder

If the works are decorated with materials that could easily fall off, please do make sure all are well-packed and would not fall out during delivery.


Format: JPG/JPEG

File size: within 5 MB



Length: within 1 minute

Format: mp3/wav

File size: within 5 MB



Length: within 1 minute

Format: mp4

File size: within 40MB

Pixel: 960x540 pixel


Kind reminder

Due to copyright issues, only original sound tracks and instrumental music are accepted.

1.   All works are collected anonymously. Please be reminded not to leave any personal  information in your message.

2.   Physical copies are recommended as more recipients could be reached.

3.   All physical copies will be sterilized and packed before delivering to the recipients.

Online art workshops

The organizing committee members has prepared different online art workshops for EdUHK students and participants of the partnering organizations to join so as to make their unique artworks. In order to cheer up others in the community, all artworks have to be sent to the belonging agencies after the workshops. The details of the workshops are as follows:


Online art workshops





Application deadline

Mask-shaped blessing card

14 September (Mon)

1400 - 1500



13 September noon

Gimmick heart card

17 September (Thur)

1400 - 1500


16 September noon

Pastel Nagomi Art Workshop

- Theme: ‘Hope’ and ‘Blessing’

# Participants are limited to EdUHK students/staff who will be able to join the two consecutive sessions. Tools can be borrowed from the Student Affairs Office.

15 September (Tue)

22 September (Tue)

1800 - 2000


14 September noon

3-D blessing card

19 September (Sat)

1400 - 1500


18 September noon


25 September (Fri)

1500 - 1600


24 September noon

Heartwarming collage

26 September (Sat)

1400 - 1500


25 September noon

*All materials for workshops are prepared by the workshop participants. The zoom link and the required workshop materials will be sent through email after enrollment. 

Grasp the chances and enroll the online art workshops in the link below:


Collection Method



By post



Students and staff from EdUHK

Collection box is set up at

Wofoo Whole Person Development Centre, Student Affairs Office



If you wish to send your message(s) to a specific party, please use different stickers provided by SAO to indicate your preference.


If no stickers are used, we would assume no specific organizations are preferred and will distribute the messages randomly to all parties.


a.  Pink: Elderly homes

b.  Blue: Elderly centres

c.  Green: Hospitals

d.  Yellow/Purple: SEN schools


Participating organizations

Collection boxes will be set in entrance, reception or staff canteen etc.

To facilitate clear information, participants should send their messages to EdUHK Student Affairs Office with their target recipient specified on envelop (If applicable).



《Giving is Receiving》 Project


Wofoo Whole Person Development Centre,

Student Affairs Office,
The Education University of Hong Kong,
10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po,
New Territories, Hong Kong


Please upload your message(s) in the link below:


The Google form provided allows participants to send at most 3 messages to the specific recipient. You are welcomed to submit the form more than once if more than 3 messages are to be sent.


Receiving back messages

If you wish to receive the messages from others in return, you are welcomed to register here: We would contact you during the activity period and send out the small gift to you.


If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at 2948 6219 or