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Exhibition on Stress Management





17 Jan 2022 (Mon ) - 27 Jan 2022 (Thu)


Learning Commons, LP/F, Block C (Next to the Café)


Stress is our body's response to external challenges. Understand about the stress and don't let stress control your life. 


The content includes:

  • Sources of stress
  • Stress symptoms
  • Effective Ways to cope with stress
  • Time management



[With ELAT] Mental Heath First Aid Training Course

(Feb & Mar 2022)





Date &


Feb 2022

Date: Feb 9, 16, 23, & Mar 2 (Wed)

Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Mar 2022

Date: Mar 7, 14, 21, 28 (Mon)

Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm




"Mental Health First Aid Couse – Feb & Mar 2022" is now enrolling. Students who complete course will be issued "Mental Health First Aid Curse Certificate". The certificate is acknowledged by the Mental Health First Aid International.


Details: Please find in Appendix




The fee for the handbook is totally waived, supported by the Special Grants from the University Grants Committee.




Lots will be drawn to allocate places if applications received exceed the quota.


Feb 2022: A-G/F-08


Mar 2022: D2-LP-10


Ms. Pauline Lee (Mental Health First Aid Instructor)

Ms Amy Wong (Mental Health First Aid Instructor)


Enrollment Form (Deadline: 24 January 2022)



[With ELAT] Give the victims a hand!

Anti-Sexual Harassment Workshop

向受害者伸出援手! 防止性騷擾工作坊





Cantonese Session (Face-to-face mode)  Online Mode

18 Jan 2022


English Session (Hybrid mode) Online Mode

20 Jan 2022


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm


  • Self-test and definition of sexual harassment
  • Case studies of sexual harassment
  • What is consent?
  • How to prevent and handle sexual harassment incidents as witnesses or peers



Due to the development of COVID-19, both sessions will be changed to online mode. The ZOOM details will be emailed to all candidates.


Cantonese Session:

100 participants

(Lots will be drawn to allocate places if applications received exceed the quota.)


English Session:

20 for face-to-face mode and

unlimited for online mode

(Face-to-face mode: the first 20th comers arrive at the venue only.)


Cantonese Session: C-LP-11 ZOOM


English Session: D2-LP-13 / ZOOM


Cantonese or English


CEASE Crisis Centre of Tung Wah Group:

providing crisis intervention and supporting services which aim to serve victims of sexual violence and individuals/families encountering domestic violence or other family crisis.


Ms Gloria Lau, the Equal Opportunities and Disability Access Officer (EODAO):

a seasoned equal opportunities practitioner who had worked in the Equal Opportunities Commission for nearly 10 years.


Enrollment Form (Deadline: 11 January 2022)



[Exhibition] Preventing Sexual Harassment.Building an Inclusive Campus





1 -21 Jan 2022


An exihibition is about preventing sexual harassment and building an inclusive campus. There will be some videos and informative messages. Don't miss the chance to know more about it!



Library entrance


Chinese and English


No enrollment required




How do you feel after the commencement of the new semester? Do you ever feel uncomfortable in adjusting to the new environment, affording study requirements or dealing with interpersonal relationship? In collaboration with The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, the Counselling Services Section from the Student Affairs Office organizes a wellness journey for you: a Wellness Hub is placed at B3-B4/GF from now to 31st December 2021.

Wellness Hub provides a place for you to enjoy ME TIME and embrace your emotions. Via different interactive means like video, breathing exercise, mindful songs and online activities, you will get a better understanding and experience of your different emotions.  There is no need for boarding pass, credit card, money, planning or booking. You just need to take 10 minutes to enjoy this mindfulness journey. Do remember to take the“Quote of the Day” after completing your journey. Apart from the Hub in campus, you may click here for the online version, which you can enjoy this healing journey anytime and anywhere.


Do take good care of yourself, and welcome to the Wellness Hub for enjoying your ME TIME.

P.S. Please use the hand sanitizer before & after using the facility, and follow the anti-pandemic measure at the venue.





Highlights of latest events

<Love.Gallery> < 集合.愛>

We are happy to announce that No. 26 「緣」來‧一直都在」received the most votes. Ms Angie Yeon, our Dean of Student Affairs Office and Ms Megan Chan, our section head, Senior Counsellor were invited to present the award to the Winner.


Ed Power Station

Encounter.Reunion (11-12 Mar 2021)



As part of Hello Campus Welcome Event by Student Affairs Office, Ed Power Station was set up on March 11 & 12 with the theme of <Encounter.Reunion 2021>. Though there’s less chance for us to meet during the pandemic, you might still express blessings to your loved ones in our booth. Students could also pick a gift for himself/herself from our Japanese Capsule Toy Machine.  


“All encounters in life are reunions after long times apart”. We are awaiting for meeting you in campus again soon.




We are pleased to have invited two officers of Ethnic Minorities Unit, Equal Opportunities Commission to conduct the workshops in Cantonese and English.  During the workshops, speakers shared a brief introduction of major racial and ethnic groups in Hong Kong, concepts of racial prejudice, racial stereotyping and equal opportunities, Race Discrimination Ordinance (RDO), cultural sensitivity model and good practices on creating an inclusive environment in the educational establishment.  To build a racially harmonious campus, it is important to raise our sensitivity to different races and cultures with good practices such as, avoid assumptions, watch out words: “all”, “always”, “never”, “those people” etc.  For more workshop information, please download the handouts on Multi-cultural Campus.





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Ed Power Station


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