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[With ELAT] Seminar on Supporting LGBTI People 與同志青少年一起成長講座


Details are as follows:

  Cantonese Session English Session


Cantonese Session

1 February 2021 (Mon)

English Session

2 February 2021 (Tue)


1:00 pm – 2:00 pm


ZOOM (Details will be sent to successful candidates by email)


  • To understand the grow-up experience and needs of the sexual minorities (including sharing by a LGBTI volunteer in Cantonese Session)
  • To learn how to provide appropriate support to them       


Project Touch of The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (catering the special needs of sexual minority youths and their families as well as advocating for an equal society)


(Student) Receiving a 1 hour ELAT on Campus Inclusion and Disability Awareness Experiential Series (if applicable)


Seminar on Supporting LGBTI People Enrollment Form

Deadline for enrollment: 24 January 2021 (Sun)


Sophia Lau (2948 6272 or




Highlights of latest events



Here comes the highlight of three workshops in December 2020:


Shall We Talk

The workshop on Peer Caring “Shall We Talk” was held on  16.12.20 to share some tips on how to comfort people who are in need. During the talk, our Counsellor shared that it is ok to be not ok when we are in difficult situations. When we try to comfort others, we need to listen attentively to their stories, let them share their feelings and affirm them their feelings make sense. We don’t need to minimize their pains instantly but most importantly, we offer our acceptance and accompany to them.  It is also important to let them know that seeking help is not weak, but brave.


Workshop on Loss in Life

The Workshop on Loss in life was held on 17.12.20. Carina, our guest speaker, shared about facing loss in life.  We all face losses in life inevitably and they come along with grief. Grieving is a highly individual experience, there is no right or wrong for what we feel and behave in the process. And the grieving process takes time and there is no “timetable’ for grieving. Healing process needs our patience, self-acceptance and self-understanding. When we can accept and adapt to the new situation, we can turn grief into motivation in life.


Workshop on Mental Health 

The workshop "Psychiatrist tells you the truth about Mental Health Problem" was held on 22.12.20.  Dr. Ng Kong Man, shared what we need to know about depression, anxiety, and psychosis from a medical point of view.  It is related to the imbalance of brain chemicals, and not necessarily related to a person's weakness.  He clarified the common myths of mental illness and taking medication, when we should seek medical treatment, what we need to pay attentions when choosing a doctor, self-care tips and prevention, etc.. Participants were actively asking questions.  Due to time limitation, some of the questions were not able to be addressed.  Dr. Ng advised us to focus on the presence, avoid too high expectations, exercise, expand social circle, express our feelings, seek help from trusted people, counsellor or doctor if we cannot cope with the problems.

Feedbacks were well received. 



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