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EdUHK Student Awards

Self Photos / Files - pins_1EdUHK Student Awards are granted to students by the University primarily on the basis of academic performance. The awardees will receive a certificate and a pin as a token of recognition and encouragement. There are two types of Awards and the major criteria are given as follows:


President’s Honour List

  • For graduating undergraduate students (except advanced year entry) and research postgraduate/ professional doctorate students
  • Minimum Programme GPA 3.5 with no failed courses throughout the whole study programme
  • Minimum “Credit” in Field Experience
  • Good conduct
  • The student with the highest Programme GPA in a programme will be eligible
  • The awardee cannot receive Dean’s Honour List concurrently

Dean’s Honour List

  • For students studying a one-year or above full-time programme, or a two-year or above part-time programme
  • Minimum Year GPA 3.5 with no failed courses throughout the academic year
  • Minimum “Credit” (if graded Distinction/ Credit) or “Pass” (if graded Pass/ Fail)
  • Minimum credit points obtained at EdUHK in the academic year are: 24 for full-time programmes, 12 for part-time programmes, 12 for students on semester-long exchange (except TPg and EdD programmes which have their own cps requirements)
  • Good conduct
  • The quota is capped at a maximum of 10%
  • The awardee cannot receive President’s Honour List concurrently


(Please note that the University has the final decision on the granting of awards.)


List of Awardees





Note: The above information is subject to change without prior notice.