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Enlightening Professionals – EdUHK Mentorship Scheme 2020-2021


The EdUHK Mentorship Scheme seeks to create an active and engaged community by bringing together current students and EdUHK alumni and professionals. The scheme connects students with experienced mentors in various fields who are able to broaden students’ horizons and discover their potential, paving the way for success at EdUHK and beyond. Mentors practice a ‘life influences life’ approach that ensures professional growth. The aims of the scheme are as follows:

  • To enhance the personal and professional development of students;
  • To help students to build up supportive professional networks;
  • To provide mentors with an understanding of the culture, lifestyle and values of the next generation.

The EdUHK Mentorship Scheme is composed of two streams: the Education Stream and the Government, Community Services and Business Stream (non-Education).


What’s NEW for the Non-Education Stream since 2018-19?



To encourage students to connect with experienced alumni and professionals from various fields, SAO is introducing a brand-new session-based mentoring experience for students. It aims to create a relaxed mentoring environment focused on individual small talks rather than on a traditional, long-term mentoring relationship. We hope this new and flexible approach will bridge the gap between the need for mentoring and the limited time and attention a student has to engage. In response to the recent trend of having multiple mentors, having more than one mentor will widen the knowledge of the student being mentored. Different mentors will have different strengths and different insights into what leads to success in their field. In addition, students may attend more than one session and learn more about a number of different industries.


Details of New Approach – Session-based Mentoring


  • Mentors and mentees are introduced to each other in short sessions, allowing each mentor/mentee to meet multiple potential matches in a very short timeframe. A longer term engagement is highly encouraged between mentors and mentees if they find fit.
  • For each 1.5 hours session, around 2 mentors will be invited to mentor around 16 mentees (ratio of mentor to mentee would be maintained as 1:8). Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are welcome to join these sessions.
  • Around 8 to 10 sessions will be organized throughout the year so that students can benefit from exposure to professionals from a variety of industries.
  • A pre-session briefing (about 0.5 hour immediately prior to the session) will be given to mentees to familiarize them with objectives of session-based mentoring and with techniques of communicating with their mentor. For example, students will be advised on how to initiate further contact after the one-off session.
  • Meeting locations to be suggested by mentors and may include their workplace or EdUHK or others.


Who are the mentees?

The scheme is open to all full-time undergraduate students and students studying higher diploma in early childhood education, who are in their second year of study or above. It is also open to all postgraduate students.

Who are the mentors?

The Education Stream matches students with professionals from the education sector, whereas the Government, Community Services and Business Stream (Non-Education) matches students with professionals working in the Government, NGOs and Business.

Application method


For mentors

We invite professionals from all sectors to join the EdUHK Mentorship Scheme. Your support in being our Mentors is sincerely appreciated: it can truly enhance a student’s professional and personal development and empower them to meet future challenges effectively.


For students

Students interested in taking part in the scheme should please stay tuned for our upcoming promotion. Please note that prospective mentees interested in our Non-Education stream will be provided with more information on the background of their potential mentor before submitting an application.



Community Services and Business Stream

Student Affairs Office Ms Valeria Li / Miss Vivian Kow
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