Career Development
Mentorship Programme

Enlightening Professionals – EdUHK Mentorship Scheme 2020-21


The EdUHK Mentorship Scheme seeks to create an active and engaged community by bringing together current students and EdUHK alumni and professionals. The Scheme connects students with experienced mentors in various fields who are able to broaden students’ horizons and discover their potential, paving the way for success at EdUHK and beyond. Mentors practice a ‘life influences life’ approach that ensures professional growth. The aims of the Scheme are as follows:

  • Enhances the personal and professional development of students;
  • Helps students to build up supportive professional networks;
  • Provides mentors with an understanding of the culture, lifestyle and values of the next generation.


Mentorship Team, Student Affairs Office

Ms Valeria Li
Tel: 2948 6761

Email: vhnli@eduhk.hk