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Job Search Training Series


To secure an employment in the competitive job market, students need to be well-prepared. Through talks, workshops and individual consultations, students would be equipped with knowledge and skills that could help them prepare for an effective resume and covering letter, as well as a successful interview for career opportunities in education and non-education sectors. For topics such as industry talk, resume writing, interview techniques, professional image building, business etiquette, etc., employers are invited to become our guest speakers or trainers. For information on the latest programmes and enrollment, please refer to Event Calendar.



Advanced Training Series for High-flyers 2020/21


Every year, large multinational corporations hire management/ graduate trainees and train them intensively to become future company management. These Management Trainee (MT) Programs may last between one and three years. The application is open to all-disciplines, and there are always cases that talented non-business major students are selected. For this purpose, EdUHK’s SAO offers the Advanced Training Series for High-flyers 2020/21, in order to prepare students for potential MT / multi-national corporate position job-searchClick the bottom button to know more.