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University life is full of excitement, but also fraught with challenges.  During the year, counsellor will talk to the students on different life skills, hoping that through the sharing the students would get some hints and coping strategies in their university study/life.   You can look into the topics below to read the articles.

– University Adjustment for Year 1 Students (Eng & Chi)

– Tips of Stress Management (Eng & Chi)

– A Valentine Wish to You (Eng & Chi)

– Say “No” to Procrastination! (Eng & Chi)

– Handling of Emotional Reactions (Eng & Chi)

– Starting a New Page in University (Eng & Chi)

– Work hard! Fighting! (Eng & Chi)

Tips on Stress Management

– Tips on a Good Night’s Sleep

– Building Friendship (Eng & Chi)

– Don’t be too harsh on yourself (Eng & Chi)

Do you have cognitive distortions

From FoMO to JoMO

– Embracing JoMo (Eng & Chi)

– The next station is……University (Eng & Chi)

– Showing Love with Love Languages (Eng & Chi)


– Tears are okay (Eng & Chi)

Local Community Resources

If you would like to know more about community resources on counselling & personal development, please check out the information on Local community resources (Eng & Chi).