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Message from Vice President (Research and Development)

Dear Students,


It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you all to The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK)! Being a part of the family, you are going to experience all the colourful and fruitful campus life.

Studying abroad at EdUHK is a major decision. This symbolizes a great leap in your life and will become one of your momentous periods. You will learn to be independent, engage in a new living environment and adapt to different learning approaches. I believe you have the fortitude and perseverance for the new experiences and challenges.

We treasure the relationship and bonding with students, especially when these interactions are built across different cultures from all over the world. We hope that you will keep up your positive attitude and actively participate in various academic learning and extra-curricular activities. Our students, teachers and staff will provide you with abundant support to assist your development to a bright new chapter.

The Student Affairs Office will work hand in hand with you to foster a supportive and caring campus.


Professor Lui Tai-lok

Vice President (Research and Development)