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1. Response Rate

Out of the 1,682 newly registered full-time students, 1,620 (96.3%) responded to this survey (as of 3 September 2018).

2. Demographic Profile

The age range of the respondents was 16 to 41, in which 11.9% of the respondents aged under 18, 81.4% aged 18 to 22 and 6.7% of them aged 23 or above. 71.1% of the respondents were females, giving a gender ratio 1:2.5 (the ratio of males to females).
The majority of our new students were locally born (72.9%) and had been living in Hong Kong since birth (68.9%). Most of them were ethnic Chinese (97.5%) and spoke Chinese (97.0%) at home. 73.7% of the respondents had no religious belief.

3. Family Background

It was found that 50.4% of the respondents’ fathers and 55.4% of their mothers had attained secondary education/ matriculation. 20.0% of the respondents’ fathers and 17.8% of their mothers completed post-secondary or university education while 3.9% of the fathers and 3.6% of the mothers did not receive formal education.
For respondents’ monthly household income, 32.8% was below HK$20,000 and 58.0% was below HK$30,000.

4. Living Conditions

57.6% of the respondents lived in the New Territories. The three districts that most of the respondents lived in were Kwun Tong (10.2%), Yuen Long (9.8%), and Sha Tin (9.1%). Including the return journey, the majority of our students (61.3%) need 60 – 179 minutes travelling between home and campus. 30.8% of the students needed to spend more than 3 hours.
60.4% of the respondents lived in public housing (including Housing Authority or Housing Society Rental and Sale Flats, as well as Home Ownership Scheme (HOS)). Most of the respondents (including the student) were from household of 3 to 5 members (84.1%) and 53.6% of the respondents had their own rooms at home.

5. Financial Support for Study and Daily Expenses

17.7% and 5.3% of the respondents has chosen the range from 81 to 100% relied on their families and financial aids (e.g. Government grants and loans) respectively to support their tuition fee and university expenses. The three major sources of income other than family support came from summer or part-time job (74.2%), personal savings (54.4%) and financial aids (50.8%).

6. University Life and Learning

Taking all respondents into account, the three major reasons for choosing the EdUHK to pursue their study were personal wish (64.4%), the curriculum (56.2%) and occupation obtainment in the teaching fields (47.4%).
71.5% of the respondents expressed that they anticipated difficulties in academic result, while 50.1% and 47.8% of them expected to face difficulties in future prospects and financial issues respectively.
The most preferred campus activities of the respondents were work internship programmes (80.4%), followed by academic activities (73.0%) and overseas or mainland exchange programmes (72.2%).