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Undergraduate Programme

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Human and Organizational Development

The programme prepares dedicated professionals to become key players across a range of organizations in today’s rapidly changing environment. It aims to develop and nurture professionals who can:

  • master the knowledge and skills necessary to help others work more effectively in organizations;
  • contribute to an organization’s quest to reach higher levels of effectiveness; and
  • work within a range of organizations and groups to promote positive change in communities.
  • An exciting programme that opens up a world of new opportunities for young people wanting to contribute to their communities.
  • A cutting-edge degree that meets the growing demands from industry and the community for specialists who have the skills to manage and effect change.
  • A unique and innovative programme that provides new ways of thinking about people and how organizations work.
  • An interdisciplinary and integrative approach that connects theory and practice.
  • A 200-hour internship that gives students an authentic professional workplace experience before graduation.

Young people interested in careers that:

  • involve finding solutions to human and developmental problems in organizations and communities;
  • seek to meet the demands and priorities that we face in today’s ever-changing and often chaotic world.

(for students admitted in 2016-17 and thereafter)

The programme requires the completion of 120 credit points, including a 200-hour internship in ‘real world’ experiences within companies and organizations.

Domain Credit Points

Major Studies





Electives / Minors                   30
General Education                   18
Co-curricular and Service Learning                    3
Language Enhancement                    9
Total                 120

The programme is primarily conducted in English.

HKDSE applicants must have:

  • Level 3 or above in English Language and Chinese Language  AND
  • Level 2 or above in Mathematics, Liberal Studies and one elective subject

The programme will also consider applications from students who do not have HKDSE qualifications. Please visit for details.

Given the growing concern around community development and organization sustainability, programme graduates are expected to be highly sought after by the government, social and economic sectors.

Possible careers may include:

  • Project Executive
  • Project Coordinator
  • Councilor Assistant
  • Community Outreach Worker
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Organizational Development Officer
  • Corporate Communication Officer

The programme curriculum adopts a wide range of disciplines. As a result, graduates can move on to advanced degrees at a later stage via a number of different tracks, in areas such as community development, human resources management, psychology, counseling, education or public policy/administration.

The programme is self-financed, with tuition fees for the whole programme currently set at $354,000.