Master of Arts in Leading Innovative Learning Organizations

Special Benefits

Special Features

Hong Kong’s first-ever master’s degree specializing in innovation, leadership and education

Special Features

Empower future leaders in schools and educational services organizations with international perspectives and entrepreneurial mindset to initiate and sustain innovation for improved leadership practice and future-oriented education

Special Features

Innovative learning including intensive courses, blended learning, virtual learning, and site-based study

Special Features

Strong peer networks with educational innovators and experienced leaders

Special Features

Five taught courses by intensive residential teaching and learning; and three field-based courses through blended and flexible learning

Special Features

In collaboration with Cambridge Assessment International Education, LILO offers academic advising for its participants to apply for the Cambridge International Diploma in Educational Leadership.

* The requirements for the Cambridge qualifications are under review and subject to change.

Serving or aspiring leaders in educational services providers including Panel Chairs, Vice Principals, Teacher Leaders, Special Educational Needs Coordinators, Curriculum Leaders/ Curriculum Directors, Professional Development Trainers and Start-up Founders/ Co-founders.

The programme comprises 5 taught courses and 3 field-based courses (3 credit points / course).

Courses Schedule

Course Sequence

Full-time Part-time
  Year 1 Year 2
Early October (*Intensive residentials over the National Day holiday)


February (*Intensive residentials in the Chinese New Year Holidays)





July (*Intensive residentials)



* The intensive residential courses are anchored by consultations, pre- and post-residential learning activities, and online resources, which may occur through face-to-face or online platforms.

The tuition fee is HKD 146,000. Tuition fees paid are normally not refundable or transferable.

Application Deadline: 30 June 2024 (Non-local) / 14 July 2024 (Local)

Applicants should normally hold a recognized bachelor’s degree or equivalent, have three years of professional experience in schools or educational organizations, and have leadership experience. Shortlisted applicants may be required to attend an interview.

Applicants whose entrance qualification is obtained from an institution in a non-English speaking system should normally fulfill one of the following minimum English proficiency requirements:

  • Overall score of IELTS 6.0 (academic version) (the test should be taken in test centres and the result should be valid within two years); or
  • Grade C or above in GCSE / GCE OL English; or
  • a TOEFL score of 80 (internet-based test, but Home Edition is not considered); or
  • Band 6 in the Chinese Mainland’s College English Test (CET) a total score of 430 or above and the test result should be valid within two years); or
  • Pass in Test for English Majors-band 8 (TEM-8); or
  • Other equivalent qualifications.  
  • Passport/ HKID/ Mainland ID card copy
  • Certificate & Transcript 
  • One-page Academic statement (500-1,000 words, reflect applicant's experience in leading new practices and/or professional learning in an educational setting; and explain applicant's motivation for undertaking the MALILO programme and its potential contribution to his/her career goal)
  • 1-2 Referee reports (invite referees to fill in Referee's Report and return to the University (tpgadmission@eduhk.hk)
  • English qualification documents (for applicants whose entrance qualification obtained from an institution in a non-English speaking system))
  • Teaching qualification and other documents (if applicable)
  • Other qualification documents
Courses in LILO applicable for Credit Transfer PDP on the strength of which block credit transfer is granted
EDA6108-Organizational Learning Field Study or EDA6109-Virtual Consultancy PDP for Middle Leaders in Schools (PDP-ML)
EDA6108-Organizational Learning Field Study or EDA6109-Virtual Consultancy PDP for Deputy Heads in Primary Schools (PDP-DHP)
EDA6108-Organizational Learning Field Study or EDA6107-Innovation Development Project PDP on School Improvement and Leadership (PDP-SIL)
  • Each participant can only apply block credit transfer for 1 course (3 credit point) in the whole LILO study. 
  • For details, please refer to the website of Registry.

Recently the programme has noticed the false and highly misleading information about "obtaining a full-time master’s degree by spending fifteen days in Hong Kong" disseminated in the social media.  We hereby solemnly declare that the duration of completing the full-time Master of Arts in Leading Innovative Learning Organizations is one year. The fifteen-day intensive learning is only a part of the programme requirements. The programme also includes a series of flexible compulsory learning activities, as well as two on-site experiential courses and an innovation development project guided by supervisors. The programme is meticulously designed and undergoes strict qualification accreditation both internally and externally. All the students who have completed the programme possess extensive professional experience and are dedicated educators constantly seeking self-improvement. 

For information regarding the programme contents, admission, and graduation requirements, please refer to the official website of the programme. We advise prospective applicants to remain vigilant to avoid falling into traps and suffering unnecessary financial and time losses. The programme will only consider qualified applicants and admission will be based on merit. We welcome aspiring educational professionals who are passionate about leading teams and fostering innovative development to apply.

Individuals who wish to seek qualification verification in mainland China after graduation should contact the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) for details (website: https://zwfw.cscse.edu.cn/cscse/lxfwzxwsfwdt2020/xlxwrz32/index.html).

Individuals who wish to apply for staying/returning and working in the HKSAR under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG) after graduation should contact the HKSAR Immigration Department for details (website: https://www.immd.gov.hk/hkt/services/visas/IANG.html).

Enquiry: lilo@eduhk.hk