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Research Centres

Centre for Educational and Developmental Sciences

Centre for Educational and Developmental Sciences (CEDS)

Areas of expertise

  • Cognitive, Socioemotional, and Mathematical Development
  • Influence of Early Schooling on Children's Development
  • Longitudinal Methodologies
  • Multimethod, Multi-Domain Investigations
Centre for Child and Family Science

Centre for Child and Family Science (CCFS)

Areas of expertise

  • Child Care and Early Education
  • Child and Human Development
  • Family Functioning and Child Wellbeing
  • Marriage and Parenting
Centre for Psychosocial Health

Centre for Psychosocial Health (CPH)

Areas of expertise

  • Psychosocial Health
  • Positive Health in School and Community Settings 
  • Psychological Adaptation and Resilience 
  • Interpersonal Processes for Health Promotion 
Integrated Centre for Wellbeing

Integrated Centre for Wellbeing (I-WELL)

Areas of expertise

  • Inclusive, Special, and Gifted Education
  • Educational Counselling and Positive Education
  • Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology and Learning Disabilities
  • Occupational Therapy
Virtual Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Virtual Interdisciplinary Research Centre (VIRC)

Research Themes

  • Capacity Building for the Education Workforce
  • Parent and Community Engagement in Education
  • Equity, Ethics and Social Inclusion
  • Child / Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing