About Us

Values and Priorities

Values and Priorities

Interwoven Talent

Departments are the primary units of the Faculty and provide everyone an academic home. At the same time, work across departments is common and dynamic. Part of our research activity clusters around key interdisciplinary areas drawn from different departments. Our programmes, courses and services maximise talent from across the Faculty. We are recognised internationally in a number of highly focused interdisciplinary areas. 

Innovative Teaching 

We draw on our collective talent to refresh existing courses and propose exciting new opportunities for our students. We both respond to and shape community needs. We value and reward innovative teaching and stay on the cutting edge of new and emerging knowledge. Good practices are shared and scaled up within and beyond the Faculty. We have expertise in e‐/blended learning.  

Visible Research  

We excel at winning external competitive research grants. Other competitive, large-­scale funding obtained through government and community focused groups is highly valued. The community understands the value of our research upon their work and lives. We publish our work in high quality international journals and other important venues; we look for ways to increase our impact.  

Simple, Sensible, Safe 

What we do throughout the faculty is kept as simple as possible. Simple does not mean unsophisticated, but that unnecessary complexity is avoided. We have great data management systems. Decisions are based on common sense. Everyone in the Faculty is entitled to a ‘safe’ workplace, to management and collegial support, and the opportunity to enjoy and be excited by their work.   

Community Integrated

We cannot flourish without the cooperation and integration of all people and groups integral to our core work. Different stakeholders are involved in all aspects of our work. Our partners are integrated sensibly into our teaching, research and service and international presence and partnerships in these areas is important. Faculty Centres and Academies are key to our community connections.