Master of Arts in Educational Counselling - Admissions - Faculty of Education and Human Development, EdUHK


Postgraduate Programme

Master of Arts in Educational Counselling

  • Extensive training in the theory and practice of counselling
  • 80 hours of supervised counselling practicum
  • Innovative approaches and strategies to address the needs of students in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and post-secondary institutions
  • Focus on the collaboration between school and community
  • Emphasis on the psychoeducational assessment and evaluation of counselling cases
  • An outreach model of learning; student practicum will be arranged in satellite counselling sites, such as Christian Family Service Centre, Wong Chuen King Student Development Centre of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial College, Evangel College, Kwun Tong Government Primary School (Sau Ming Road), in collaboration with NGOs, and primary and secondary schools.

Professionals in education and social services sectors who wish to embark on specialised training in educational counselling. The programme aims to help participants establish their professional membership in professional counselling associations, finally leading to the status of certified counsellors.

The programme comprises 30 credit points (cps).

  Credit Points
Core Courses 

Specialist Courses

24 (4cps/course)


Practicum Training

6 (3cps/course)

Total 30


The medium of instruction is mainly English. Chinese is adopted as the language of instruction for practicum training.

Applicants should: 

  • Hold a recognised Bachelor’s degree
  • Preferably have some background in the fields of education or guidance and counselling, in either the school or community setting 
  • Meet the English proficiency requirements of the University.

Shortlisted applicants may be required to attend an interview or a test.

Applicants whose entrance qualification is obtained from an institution in a non-English speaking system should normally fulfil one of the following minimum English proficiency requirements:

  1. IELTS 6.0; or
  2. Grade C or above in GCSE / GCE OL English; or a TOEFL score of 80 (internet-based test); or
  3. Band 6 in the Chinese Mainland’s College English Test (CET) (a total score of 430 or above and the test result should be valid within two years); or
  4. Other equivalent qualifications.

Tuition Fee: HK$138,900
The tuition fee is HK$4,630 per credit. Tuition fees paid are nornally not refundable or transferable.

You are welcome to apply the programme online here

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.” This famous quote by Randy Pausch (author of The Last Lecture) reflects my feelings at the time I first fully comprehended how strenuous the MAEC Practicum requirements were going to be.  In spite of early planning and preparation, one can be caught off guard by unexpected obstacles and life events that threaten to sabotage those careful and thoughtful plans. Staying positive and maintaining confidence in one's self is crucial, throughout the practicum period, to push through to a winning end.

Trying to strike a balance between the busy life of a full time secondary teacher in Hong Kong and satisfying family responsibilities is challenging, made even more so with the additional burden of organizing individual and group counselling sessions, meeting with a supervisor and group mates, attending lectures on different counselling related topics, and handling other less predictable but no less demanding events and incidents that intervene.

With unyielding support from my practicum supervisor (Dr. Man) and the camaraderie of my cohort, the once daunting challenge became manageable.  The pace of my practicum journey has quickened, from a slow start to an accelerated finish.  The journey has provided me with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills in counselling I have acquired and along with the guidance and advice of my mentor to help clients overcome difficulties in their lives. It has been a truly eye-opening experience!  The cards have been played.  

Gareth Lam
Alumna, MA(EC)
English and English Literature Teacher
Career Counsellor


Have worked as a professional accountant for more than 20 years, I treasured my learning experience gained in the MA(EC) programme and started my second career after my graduation in 2018. In the MA(EC) programme, I enjoyed in the practicum arrangement much. I had chances to perform counselling services with the guidance of my supervisor in a secondary school, an NGO and a SEN centre at the EdUHK, from children to adults. I am also working as a part-time research assistant in EdUHK while I am studying the MA(EC) programme. I am luckily to be involved in projects for students with special educational need.

After graduated and gained all these treasurable experiences, I start my new journey in an NGO, Enlighten Hong Kong Limited, which aims to support those affected by epilepsy, from this summer. I mainly provide counselling services to members and their caregivers to soothe the emotional distress caused by epilepsy.  I am glad that I can use those I learned in the MA(EC) programme in my new position.

Celia Tam
Alumna, MA(EC)
Outreach Officer of Enlighten Hong Kong Limited (香港啟迪會)