Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Early Childhood Education)

Special Features

Special Features

The Programme emphasises integration of subject knowledge, professional knowledge and practical abilities. 

Special Features

The Programme works in partnership with early childhood education institutions to strengthen theory-practice connections through field experience. 

Special Features

Graduates of this Programme will be eligible to apply for registration with the Education Bureau and Social Welfare Department as kindergarten teachers, child care workers, and child care supervisors in Hong Kong, and meet the academic qualification required by the Education Bureau for kindergarten principals

Special Features

Graduates of this Programme who have successfully completed the specified courses in the Minor “Diversity in Early Years” will be considered as having acquired training on the One-year In-service Course in Special Child Care Work recognised by the Social Welfare Department.

Special Features

Graduates of this Programme who have successfully completed the Minor “Teaching and Learning in International Schools” will be able to earn the International Baccalaureate Certificate in Teaching and Learning.

Domain Credit Points (cps)
Major* (including Cross-Faculty Core Course and Major Interdisciplinary Course) 39
Education Studies 36
Final Year Project 6
Field Experience 20
Electives (including Free Electives, Minor or Second Major) 24
General Education 22
Language Enhancement 9
Total 156

*Mandatory Greater Bay Area activities in course(s) are required.

Note: Classes will be held in Tai Po Campus and Tseung Kwan O Study Centre/Kowloon Tong Satellite Study Centre/Sports Centre as decided by the University.

The programme is mainly conducted in English. Putonghua or Cantonese will be adopted as the medium of instruction where appropriate.

  • Kindergarten Teacher/Child Care Worker
  • Executive in early childhood education settings
  • Kindergarten Principal/Child Care Supervisor

Graduates will have the ability to work competently in a broad range of positions that involve working with children and families.

Our Graduates in 2021
Median Monthly Salary: HK$22,790

HK$42,100 per annum (local)
HK$140,000 per annum (non-local)
(provisional and subject to adjustment)

  • 教大會為我們安排多元化的學習機會和教學實習,在每一次的實習,我們可以親身體驗幼師的實際工作,把在課堂學到的專業技能和理論,應用在實際的幼教場景中。


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