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Ignited Summer Programme @EdUHK 教大盛夏企画
Ignited Summer Programme @EdUHK 教大盛夏企画

Still figuring what activities could juice up your summer holiday? Want to learn and play? You should definitely sign up for “Ignited Summer Programme @EdUHK” exciting activities held this summer from 15 June to 8 August 2021!


SAO will hold over 50 activities in 8 consecutive weeks starting from 15 June 2021. There will be 8 themes of the activities covering "The Leader in Me"," Cultural Busking", "Psychological Wellness", "Equal Opportunities/ Special Educational Needs", "Career Planning/ Building", "Life Experience", "Mental Health First Aid" and "Psychometric Assessment Tools".



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The Leader in Me
Psychometric Assessment Tools
Psychological Wellness
Mental Health First Aid Course
Life Experience
Equal Opportunities/ SEN
Cultural Busking
Career Planning/ Building
Co-curricular and Service Learning Courses
Cultural Integration
Global Experiential Learning
Equal Opportunities
Career Development
Community Services
Hall Life Education
Leadership Development
Non-local Students Services