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Faculty of Humanities

FHM 10th Anniversary

Dean's Message


This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Faculty of Humanities (FHM) of the Education University of Hong Kong. This special occasion will be marked by various events and initiatives to celebrate our accomplishments, reflect on the journey we have taken, and map out the future development of this young Faculty for the years ahead.   


Since its founding in July 2012, FHM has aimed to cultivate a robust intellectual environment in response to the social, educational and cultural complexities of our times. In our work, we have echoed the University’s “Education-plus” approach and strategic direction, by diversifying our teaching and research in the broader landscape of the humanities. As a result, over the past decade, we have continued to strengthen teacher education while opening up the study of culture, literature, history, creative writing, and digital humanities. In this period, FHM was encouraged by the recognition of research excellence in the 2020 Research Assessment Exercise of the University Grants Committee. We have also strived to publish important scholarly works, win prestigious grants, engage our community through knowledge transfer, and organize many international conferences, seminars, workshops and public lectures to expand our local and international networks.


None of this would have been possible without our 240+ talented academic, teaching, research, project and administrative staff at FHM. They remain committed to producing an outstanding and diverse range of high-quality educational programmes. To all this, we are grateful for the support from the University, schools, alumni, and the community at large.     


Turning a new chapter, FHM has recently introduced two new strategic areas of focus: Digital Humanities and Comparative Cultures of Care. In the next few years, these new foci will lead to a wide range of critical applications in the educational, cultural, environmental, and historical areas of public life in Hong Kong, in the Greater Bay Area, as well as in the international arena.


“Vibrant Humanities” is our celebratory slogan for our 10th anniversary, signaling our energetic engagements on various dimensions of global issues that matter to humanistic education.


Professor John Erni

Dean, Faculty of Humanities


Anniversary Logo with Slogan

Concept of FHM 10th Anniversary Logo

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Faculty of Humanities, a special-edition logo is created with two elements, our Faculty logo and the number ‘10’. This special-edition logo pairs the number ‘1’ with the number ‘0’ formed by the ‘circle’ in the Faculty logo, embodying the Faculty’s commitment to nurture future talents in the humanities disciplines and strive for excellence in research and academic development.


The underlying idea for the ‘circle’ comes from the Chinese term ‘Humanities’ (rén wén): ‘rén’ refers to ‘human being’ while ‘wén’ stands for ‘world’. The white crossed strokes symbolise the arms embracing the Earth, while the small sphere at the top resembles an eye on the world, expressing the Faculty’s vision to nurture and groom talents across disciplines, and to impact positively on the well-being of the Hong Kong society and beyond. The purple and dark blue colours of the number ‘10’ harmonise with the colour tone of the original Faculty logo.  


The Ideas Behind ‘Vibrant Humanities’ 

As the Faculty of Humanities turns to a new chapter upon the 10th anniversary, the slogan ‘Vibrant Humanities’ is designed to create a lively atmosphere for the celebration. As the youngest faculty at the Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), we are a vibrant, energetic and multi-cultural community. This slogan perfectly fits with the unique quality and aspirations of our Faculty. 

Also, embodied in the slogan is the common goal of our students, Faculty and graduates. We aspire to promote the advancement and dissemination of humanities knowledge, including Language Studies, Linguistics, Literature, Cultural Studies and History, as well as to develop the new areas of ‘Digital Humanities’ and ‘Comparative Cultures of Care’. We will continue to look for new opportunities and contribute to the advancement of the humanities disciplines. 



10th Anniversary Video

Join us in celebrating FHM’s 10 years of teaching and research excellence and understanding the future development of the Faculty.  

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Celebration Events




Faculty Events

10th Anniversary Kick-off ceremony

Faculty of Humanities has entered its 10th anniversary in July 2022. The kick-off ceremony will be organised to serve as a prologue of anniversary celebrations. We cordially invite you to join us for the live streaming of the ceremony. 



  • 16 September 2022 (Friday) | Time: 3:00 - 3:45pm
  • Faculty of Humanities  

Public Lectures on Chinese History and Culture

Faculty of Humanities is very honoured to invite Professor Chen to deliver six public lectures on Chinese History and Culture at EdUHK.


Speaker: Professor Chen Suzhen of the Center for Research on Ancient Chinese History of Peking University



  • September - November 2022
  • Faculty of Humanities  

Department Events

Distinguished Lecture in Celebration of FHM 10th Anniversary

  • Department of Chinese Language Studies

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Alumni Sharing Sessions for the FHM 10th Anniversary Celebrations

  • Department of English Language Education

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Poetry Writing Competition for the FHM 10th Anniversary Celebrations

  • Department of Literature and Cultural Studies

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“Language Fun Day” 

  • Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies
  • Centre For Language in Education

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Faculty Milestones and Achievements

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  • FHM celebrates its 10th Anniversary.
  • FHM offered new BA and MA programmes.
  • FHM scholars engaged with “Digital Humanities” in a new column on Sing Tao Daily.
  • The Centre for Popular Culture in the Humanities was renamed International Research Centre for Cultural Studies (IRCCS), with Prof John Erni as its new Centre Director.
  • Two new strategic directions in research and teaching were launched, namely "Digital Humanities" and "Comparative Cultures of Care".
  • Dr Andy Chin Chi On’s CanPro won a Silver Medal in the Geneva’s Invention Expo.
  • The 10th International Chinese Language Teaching Conference was held.



  • The 1st International Knowledge Transfer Forum was held.
  • The LML project team of The Corpus-Aided Platform for Language Teachers won the 2020 Esperanto “Access to Language Education” Award in the USA.

  • Dr Hawk Chang Tsung-chi of LCS won First Book Prize 2019 of the Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities. 
  • Dr Zou Di of ELE won the Gold Medal and Special Award in the International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada.
  • Establishment of Centre for Research on Chinese Language and Education (CRCLE).
  • FHM students excelled in the HKBU Century Club Citywide Poetry Competition.
  • Hong Kong’s First “One City, One Book” Campaign was launched.
  • Presentation was made of the First Master of Arts in Chinese Studies (Language Education) Scholarship.
  • The First School of Cantonese Studies was held.





  • Chan Wing Chiu Will, a student of the Bachelor of Education (Honours) (English Language) received the Li Ka Shing Foundation - Scholarship for Field Experience.
  • Dr David Kang Jonghyuk of LCS won the prestigious University Grants Committee Teaching Award.
  • FHM offered a new EdD Programme in Language Education (Chinese).
  • The Jockey Club "From Words to Culture Programme: An Animated Way to Learn" was launched.


The University's first doctoral degree programme specialising in Chinese language teaching and research.




  • Adeline Ko, a graduate of the Master of Education (with an area of focus on Children Literature), won the Fifth Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award.
  • Chee King Fan, a student of the Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Chinese Language) programme, won First in the Novel Category at the 9th Intervarsity Creative Writing Competition.
  • MATCIL was recognised by the IBO.
  • The 1st Undergraduate Academic Conference (UAC) was held.
  • The First TED x EdUHK was held.
  • Yau Wai Lam Charlene, a student of the Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Chinese Language) programme, won Special Prize of the 27th Chinese Poetry Writing Competition.






  • 12 volumes of the《香港文學大系1919-1949》were published.
  • Chan Hiu Tung Charlene, a student of the Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Chinese Language) programme, won the 42nd Youth Literary Awards of Children’s Literature (Open Category).
  • Establishment of Centre for Research on Linguistics and Language Studies (CRLLS).
  • Mr Nicholas Wong Yu Bon of LCS won the 28th Lambda Literary Award as First Asian Awardee.






  • Dr Wong Leung Wo’s published work “破地獄” and “蟑螂變” received the Biennial Award and was selected as One of the Top 10 Fiction Books of 2015 by Yazhou Zhoukan (Asia Weekly) respectively. 



  • Dr Yip Cheuk Wai’s published work “Emotion is what matters: Chinese literature” was selected as One of the Best 100 Teen Reads in 2014.
  • FHM obtained Programme Area Accreditation status for several programmes.
  • FHM offered its first Co-curricular course. 

Obtained Programme Area Accreditation status in the programme areas of Chinese Studies, English Studies [including the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) programme in Language Studies (Chinese Major/English Major)]




  • The Founding Ceremony for the Establishment of FHM.