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Caring Teacher Commendation Scheme



Caring Teacher Commendation Scheme 2023/2024

Caring Teacher Commendation Scheme aims to give recognition to faculty members who have exemplary performance in teaching with demonstration of commitment to nurturing positive life and moral education among students. The award will be in the form of individual or group awards, and are conferred at the Faculty level. The award consists of a certificate and a monetary award of HK$10,000 (for individual award) and HK$20,000 (for group award) to be used by the awardee solely for educational activities.

Call for Nomination!

Full-time academic/teaching staff with a minimum of 2 years of teaching experience in the university at the time of nomination
Deadline of Nomination for 2023/24:
1 March 2024 (Friday)

Nomination Guidelines, Procedures and Nomination Form:


For more information, please contact Ms Kylin Wu at 2948 7289 or


Caring Teacher Commendation Scheme 2023/24


Caring Teacher Commendation Scheme

Dr Mak Wing Wah Pauline

Dr MAK Wing Wah Pauline

Department of English Language Education (Certificate of Commendation)

Dr Mak is a very approachable and caring teacher. She plays multiple roles, including advisor, freedom giver, facilitator and friend, to support her students. Her dedication to students and willingness to fulfill various roles exemplify her commitment to providing pastoral care and promoting positive well-being.

Dr Kang Jong Hyuk David

Dr KANG Jong Hyuk David

Department of Literature and Cultural Studies (Certificate of Commendation)

Dr Kang is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher. He always creates a welcoming and harmonious learning environment and motivates his students with varied and lively approaches. His effective teaching with a caring approach is held in high esteem by his students.



Dr Li Zhen Jennie

Dr LI Zhen Jennie

Department of Chinese Languages Studies (Certificate of Merit)

Dr Li is an inspiring and helpful teacher. She strives to foster positive values among students, encouraging them to develop confidence and curiosity through her teaching. She received the “Support Scheme for Excellent University ePortfolio Supervision” award in 2019/20 and 2020/21.

Dr Lai Chi Shing

Dr LAI Chi Shing

Department of Chinese Language Studies (Award of Caring Teacher Commendation Scheme)

Dr Lai is a committed, responsible and helpful teacher. He is committed to developing students’ academic potential and confidence. Apart from teaching, Dr Lai has been participating in a wide range of learning and teaching activities. He designed a Chinese course for elite athletes, and invited students to contribute to each issue of magazine Wen Lu (《文路》). Dr Lai received the Award of “Support Scheme for Excellent University ePortfolio (UePortfolio) Supervision” for five consecutive semesters. His dedication to teaching and caring for students are evidenced by his high SET scores and positive feedback from his students.



Dr Yu Baohua

Dr YU Baohua

Department of English Language Education (Award of Caring Teacher Commendation Scheme)

Dr Yu is a passionate, sincere, enthusiastic and caring teacher. She uses multiple instructional approaches and provides diverse learning experiences to engage students’ interests and learning. She also shows respect for students’ uniqueness and their effort in enhancing their self-esteem and confidence. Dr Yu’s teaching belief consists of four core principles: Uniqueness, Passion, Engagement and Reflection. She is devoted to creating a respectful and meaningful environment that allows students to shine and be collaborative, reflective, and empowered. Her exemplary teaching performance can be demonstrated by the high SET scores and the excellent feedback from her students.



Dr Jin Mengyao

Dr JIN Mengyao

Department of Chinese Languages Studies (Certificate of Merit)

Dr Jin is an energetic, enthusiastic and passionate teacher. She demonstrates excellent teaching and serves as a role model for students. She strives to practise the belief of “life affects life” and to cultivate students’ positive values and attitudes. Dr Jin consistently adopts interesting and interactive teaching approaches to facilitate students’ learning. Apart from teaching, Dr Jin led students to join many different activities, such as Shi Tu Scheme (師徒計劃) and the first International Chinese Festival (第一屆國際漢語節). Her caring and devotion to students are evidenced by the excellent result of SET and the favourable feedback from her students.