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Selected FHM Researchers

Hong Kong PhD fellowship Scheme

General Requirement

  •  A Master's degree (or equivalent qualification) from a recognised university; or a Bachelor's degree with first class honours (or equivalent qualification) from a recognised university.

English Language Requirements

  • Applicants with a Bachelor's or Master's degree at a university where the programme was not taught and assessed in English are normally required to demonstrate competency through one of the following minimum requirements:
  1. Overall score of IELTS 6.5 with no subtest lower than 6.0#; or
  2. TOEFL score of 80 (internet-based test); or
  3. Other equivalent qualifications.^

*Individual field of study such as English language may have higher requirement.
#Applicable to 2016/17 cohort and onwards.

^The College English Test (CET) is not accepted as equivalent qualification.


Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for both local and non-local students (2023/24 academic year) is HK$42,100 (approximately US$5,400) per annum, which is provisional and subject to adjustment. The application fee for local applicants is HK$150 per programme. For non-local applicants, the application fee is HK$300. Please refer to the Section of "Non-local Applicants" for details.



For non-HK PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) applicants, please submit a full EdUHK application.

  • Application Start Date: 1 September 2022
  • Application Deadline: 1 December 2022

Research Postgraduate Studentship

  • The monthly stipend for the 2022-23 academic year is HK$17,600 (approximately US$2,260) for PhD students and HK$18,100 (approximately US$2,320) for post-candidacy PhD students. 

More Information

Research Supervision Areas


Cultural Studies

  • Comparative cultures of care
  • Critical migration studies
  • Digital cultural studies
  • Popular culture (representations and cultural industry formations)
  • Postcolonial theory and practice


  • Ancient Chinese documents
  • Chinese history and world history
  • Chinese intellectual history

Language Education

  • Chinese language (as L1 and L2) education and teaching
  • English as an International Language and Global Englishes
  • Informal digital learning of English (IDLE)
  • Language-in-education policy
  • Second language acquisition and curriculum development
  • Teacher education and identity


  • Computer/Mobile assisted language learning (CALL/MALL)
  • Corpus linguistics / corpus-based language pedagogy (CBLP)
  • Discourse analysis
  • Experimental Phonetics
  • Language in society/sociolinguistics
  • Perception and Production
  • Phonology and Accent Studies


  • Chinese literature
  • Confucianism
  • English literature
  • Philology
  • Philosophy
Staff picture
Prof John N. ERNI

Dean, Faculty of Humanities

Chair Professor of Cultural Studies 

Department of Literature and Cultural Studies (LCS)

Postgraduate students are motivated by their research projects, their overall intellectual development, and a vision for a career. Supervision thus requires focus and steady mentorship, with the goal of helping to drive their research forward and to help them realize results.  Here, results are not only limited to the completion of the thesis, but also to the cultivation of a ‘research life’. In this way, I act as a role model on how to think, read, write, and speak on scholarly matters, and take mentorship seriously as a shared process through teaching, inspiring, but also listening.


As supervisors, we need to understand each student’s unique personal and learning background, in order to offer them freedom to explore, ask, and experiment, before they shape, focus, and sharpen. As a recognition of my effort in postgraduate supervision, I was awarded the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Research Supervision at HKBU in 2019.


Research Areas:

  • Critical legal theory centering on human rights philosophy, ethics and politics
  • Critical public health studies
  • Cultural politics of race/ethnicity/migration
  • Digital humanities for social diversity
  • Gender and sexuality studies related to media and visual culture
  • International and Asia-based media and cultural studies
  • Youth studies in transnational contexts


Staff picture
Prof CHENG Kat Hung Dennis

Chair Professor of Cultural History

Department of Literature and Cultural Studies (LCS)

My professional expertise falls within the scope of Chinese studies in the global context, while methodologically highlights the bridging of philology and philosophy. I enjoy intellectual exchanges of all sorts and all disciplines. Recently I am interested in sentimental philosophy in the Eastern spiritual tradition in the light of contemporary theory of psycho-therapy and religious studies. Students are welcome to liaise with me via email for consultations.

Research Areas:

  • Confucianism, Chinese intellectual history and East Asian hermeneutic traditions focusing on the interpretation theories of the Classic of Changes (Yijing and their commentaries), involving the disciplines of history, philology, philosophy, and their inner connections.
Staff picture
Prof John TRENT

Professor (Practice)

Department of English Language Education (ELE)

Welcome to EdUHK. I am currently Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Director of the RPg Programme. I would be happy to hear from you at any time regarding any matter related to your study. I would be happy to also discuss matters related to your research more specifically. My areas of interest include teacher identity and language teacher education. I have also taught numerous research methods courses over a number of years. Please reach out to me if you would like to talk about any of these areas.

Research Areas:

  • Discourse analysis 
  • Teacher education
  • Teacher identity 


Staff picture

Associate Head of Department / Associate Professor

Department of Literature and Cultural Studies (LCS)

My research interests include postcolonial and migration studies, particularly in the South Asian context, as well as photography studies and visual culture. I welcome project proposals from prospective students who are interested in studying postcolonial feminist fictions and theory, South Asian diasporic film and literature and the refugee graphic novel. I invite prospective students to get in touch if they would like to discuss their proposal with me.

Research Areas:

  • Diaspora and exile
  • Globality and transnationalism 
  • Postcolonial feminist fictions and theory cultural studies, film studies and visual culture
  • Postcolonial studies

Staff picture
Dr CHEN Hsueh Chu Rebecca

Associate Professor

Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies (LML)

My areas of interest include interlanguage phonetics and phonology, third language phonology, foreign accent and intelligibility, and computer-assisted/ corpus-based pronunciation teaching and learning. Over the past years, my research team has endeavored to create and promote the innovative corpus-based pronunciation pedagogy at EdUHK and beyond. Three corpus-based learning and teaching websites were created: English Pronunciation, Mandarin Pronunciation, and English Spontaneous Speech, where you may find some insights on the incorporation of digital resources into teaching and research. I look forward to exchanging views and exploring on these topics and issues with you!

Research Areas:

  • Computer Assisted Pronunciation Learning
  • Experimental Phonetics
  • Intelligibility and Accent Studies
  • Inter-language Phonology
  • Perception and Production 


Staff picture
Dr CHEUNG Lin Hong

Associate Professor

Department of Chinese Language Studies (CHL)

My research interests are in the following areas: Chinese Linguistics (specially in Chinese Paleography), History of Chinese Language (specially in the Archaic Chinese) and Chinese Language Teaching (specially in Putonghua teaching, PMI and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language).

Research Areas:

  • Chinese Language Teaching (Specially in Putonghua teaching, PMI and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language)
  • Chinese Linguistics (Specially in Chinese Paleography, Etymology and Phonology) 
  • History of Chinese Language (Specially in the ancient period) 

Staff picture

Acting Head of Department / Associate Professor

Department of Chinese Language Studies (CHL)

Dr LIANG Yuan's research interests include Chinese Linguistics, teaching and learning Chinese as a second language. Recently, she has endovoured to examine language contact and sound change, and to explore Chinese character learning among L1 and L2 learners. She also cooperates with Vietnamese teachers to understand the learning difficulties of L2 Chinese students in Vietnam. Students who are interested in these topics are welcomed to present project proposals and contact Dr LIANG Yuan by email (

Research Areas:

  • Chinese as a Second Language
  • Chinese Linguistics 
  • Functional grammar 
  • Language development and change

Staff picture
Dr MA Qing Angel

Associate Professor

Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies (LML)

Welcome to the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies of The Education University of Hong Kong! Being a young department, we have successfully built strengths in language studies and education in the past decade.I started my research interests in language technology in the computer assisted language learning (CALL) and mobile assisted language learning (MALL) contexts. I have also developed a strong interest in corpus linguistics, especially the corpus applications in language education. In addition, I have created two corpus websites: (1) the Parallel EAP Corpora for research purposes and (2) the Corpus-Aided Platform for Language Teachers (CAP) for teaching purposes. In recent years, I have led our EdUHK corpus team and created a new language pedagogy: corpus-based language pedagogy (CBLP). Currently, my research work focuses on how to enhance students’ EAP skills with corpus support and how to help pre- and in-service language teachers develop CBLP and their professional knowledge for language teaching.

Research Areas:

  • Computer assisted language learning (CALL) 
  • Corpus linguistics, corpus-based language pedagogy (CBLP) 
  • Mobile assisted language learning (MALL)
  • Second language vocabulary acquisition 

Staff picture
Dr LAW Yin Ling

Assistant Professor

Department of Chinese Language Studies (CHL)

歡迎各位有意報讀或已入讀RPG課程的同學。哲學家 Cicero的名言是 ── 如果你有一個花園和一個圖書館,你就有了你需要的一切。加入我們的大家庭,除了豐富的學術資源外,你更會有陪伴你一起讀書、研究的好伙伴呢。

Research Areas:

  • Ancient Chinese Documents 
  • Chinese Language Teaching
  • Chinese Linguistics(Specially in Chinese Paleography and Etymology) 

Staff picture
Dr LEE Ju Seong

Associate Head of Department / Assistant professor

Department of English Language Education (ELE)

Hello, my name is Ju, and I’m an Associate Head and Assistant Professor at the Department of English Language Education. I’m interested in research into Informal Digital Learning of English (IDLE) and Positive Psychology in Second Language Acquisition. I coined the conceptually original term ‘IDLE' and I’ve been researching on how today’s young students use technology to acquire language autonomously outside of the classroom. I’ve also looked at how important it is to foster positive psychological traits in students (e.g., grit, resilience, and growth mindset) and build a healthy school environment. My graduate students and I have continuously advocated for the integration of both the IDLE and the positive psychology paradigms into language classrooms and teacher education programs. I’m especially interested in identifying and resolving actual educational challenges, as well as supporting and serving people in genuine need. Let’s work together if you’re interested in these issues.

Research Areas:

  • Global Englishes Supporting Marginalized and Vulnerable Groups
  • Informal Digital Learning of English (IDLE) 
  • Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Learning (ICALL) 
  • Media Multitasking 
  • Positive Psychology in Second Language Acquisition English as an International Language
  • Willingness to Communicate in Digital and Non-digital Contexts