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Faculty of Humanities

Message from the Dean

Professor John Erni

The Faculty of Humanities (FHM) of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) was founded in July 2012 to offer a robust and comprehensive intellectual environment capable of responding to the social and cultural complexity of our times.


FHM comprises four distinguished academic departments, namely Chinese Language Studies, English Language Education, Linguistics and Modern Language Studies, and Literature and Cultural Studies, alongside the Centre for Language in Education and four Research Centres. With over 240 academic, teaching, research, project and administrative staff, we are committed to build upon our strengths in language studies, literature, history, creative writing, and cultural studies to offer a range of high-quality undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional development programmes to enrich teacher education with meaningful and rigorous humanistic inquiries.


I write as the world struggles with a raging pandemic. This turns out to be a unique historical moment when we realize that the sciences and the humanities must join hands to tackle the crisis together. More, the humanities play a crucial role in our post-pandemic future as many questions relevant to the humanities, such as community, cultural representations, ethical responsibility, environmental concerns, and intersectional awareness, have been brought into much sharper focus. At FHM, we think beyond surviving global crises to push ourselves to engage in more interdisciplinary studies and scholarship that can better prepare our students to be professionally trained, ethically responsible, and culturally innovative.


Among our new initiatives is the focus on digital humanities with a wide range of critical applications in the educational, cultural, environmental, and historical areas of public life. And to meet new challenges, FHM is launching a new undergraduate programme, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Studies and Digital Communication, and a new master’s programme, Master of Arts in Global Histories of Education, for implementation from 2022/23. Working closely with the “Education-plus” approach of the University, FHM will continue to diversify our Humanities curriculum, conduct advanced scholarship, establish enduring partnerships with the local community, and build regional and international connections. Celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2022, this young Faculty is energetic, committed to excellence, and always looking for new opportunities to scale new heights.


Professor John Erni
Dean, Faculty of Humanities