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Senior Year Entry

Route to EdUHK


We offer a number of Senior Year (SY) places for graduates of sub-degree programmes. Quality students holding recognised post-secondary qualifications or attending final year of a recognised sub-degree programme (such as AD/HD or equivalent) will be considered for senior year admissions. They will be admitted based on the credit transfer system and can complete their programme in two years. The SY student population is growing and our Faculty has provided various kinds of support to cater to their unique learning needs.


Programmes on Offer


Senior Year Admission: Mission Possible?



To get a taste of university life, Anya and Damian went to EdUHK and accepted various challenges. Are they ready to be Senior Year students? What are the tips for students of sub-degree programmes if they want to get admitted to EdUHK?
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  • 1nd Challenge -

  • How Trilingual are you?

    • Anya and Damian were asked to explain Cantonese proverbs and slang words in English and Putonghua. Anya secretly used her superpower to get the answers.


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  • 2nd Challenge -

  • Go Digital!

  • Anya and Damian were asked to change the pitch of a song using a digital tool. Can they tackle the challenge? 


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  • 3rd Challenge -

  • SY Student: To Be or Not to Be?

  • Anya and Damian could have a chance to enjoy “low tea” if they answered all the questions correctly. Can they accomplish this mission?


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  • Tips -

  • Q&A for Non-JUPAS Admission

  • What are the tips for Senior Year Entry programme application via the Non-JUPAS route? Let’s see what our SY students say! 


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