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Congratulations to Dr Di Zou and Dr Tse Ka Ho on Receiving International Honour for Outstanding Knowledge Transfer Projects

  • 30 Aug, 2019
  • Research & Knowledge Transfer
  • Faculty of Humanities
Two scholars of the Faculty of Humanities (FHM) have received international awards from the International Invention Innovation

Competition in Canada (iCAN) 2019 for their outstanding knowledge transfer projects. The awardees are as follows:


Gold Medal, Special Award

Dr Di Zou
Department of English Language Education

Project: Personalised Vocabulary Learning System Based on The Checklist of Technique Feature Analysis


Silver Medal

Dr Tse Ka-ho
Department of Chinese Language Studies 
Project: Chinese: Take a photo and Learn


The International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada (iCAN) is a significant knowledge transfer and innovative hub to emerge creativity engaged by innovators from all over the world. Dr Di, together with Dr Haoran Xie of Department of Mathematics and Information Technology, developed a Personalised Vocabulary Learning System which promotes effective and fun vocabulary learning based on users’ needs, preferences and learning histories while Dr Tse’s Chinese corpus incorporating with the optical character recognition technology enables users to learn Chinese character by simply taking a photo. These innovations not only facilitate self-learning, but also contribute to knowledge transfer beneficial to the international community.