​​​​​​​Faculty Newsletter ​​​​​​​June 2016

人文學院通訊 FHM Newsletter Seminar on Illustration, Urban Culture, Individuals in the Age of Information 爵爵&貓叔與黃宗儀教授座談會:插畫、城市、個體與網絡文化 “Rock Me to the Moon” Screening 《一首搖滾上月球》放映會 Department & Centre Highlights 19 Illustration Workshop with Jie Jie and Uncle Cat 爵爵&貓叔插畫工作坊 Prophecy/Parable? Imagining Hong Kong in “Ten Years” 預/寓言?想像《十年》後的香港 Symposium on “East Asian Popular Culture: Looking Back, Looking Forward”