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Cultural Integration
一萬種生活 GoodLife@EdUHK (Sep to Oct)


每年, 大約有一萬個學生, 在這山坡上的校園裡相遇, 這一萬個人, 有著不同的文化、個性和喜好。


由2022年9 月開始,「一萬種生活 GoodLife@EdUHK」計劃嘗試呈現這一萬種生活裡的小美好, 透過活動和故事, 讓大家互相認識、了解, 然後用各種姿態一起好好地生活。


2022年的秋天, 先讓我們好好地整理自己, 聽首歌, 流一下汗。


Each year, thousands of students pass by each other on this campus - who may be perfect strangers, but they all carry their own culture, beliefs and habits. With 10,000 unique lives, these form a great community called EdUHK.


Starting from September 2022, Goodlife@EdUHK will capture the story and passion of the wonderful lives. Through holding various activities and sharing, we wish to bring joy and enlightenment to rekindle your inner spirit.


In the autumn of 2022, let's declutter our minds and destress ourselves, listen to a tune and break a good sweat!


Declutter to De-Stress 斷捨離與心靈空間 (22 Sep) – Register here

Canton Music Heals 一些治癒過我們的廣東歌詞 (14 Oct) – 按此報名

Philosophy in Boxing 拳擊的哲學 (28 Oct) – Register here



斷捨離與心靈空間 Declutter to De-Stress (Register here)





"A person is like a vessel that contains spirituality, mental obsession and habits. Through the process of decluttering, we can recognize the essentials and reflect on our own life." In the age of consumerism, people start to rethink their relationships with objects. From organizing tangible and external objects, to the intangible inner life. As a professional organizer, Miss Orange not only organizes messy apartments, but also assists customers to overcome their struggles through decluttering.


In this event, Miss Orange will share her story of how she became a professional organizer, and her views on decluttering and mental health. You will also learn practical skills and theories of organizing which will further help you free up your physical and mental space!


Date: 22 Sep 2022 (Thu)

Time: 16:00 - 17:15

Venue: Shu Wah Computer Centre (C-LP-02), Tai Po campus

Guest speaker: Miss Orange (阿橙)

Registration Deadline: 20 Sep 2022 (Tue)


阿橙簡介 (Miss Orange)

Miss Orange is a Professional Member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) in US and an International Member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers) in UK. She is the first Certified Professional Organizer (CPO)® in Hong Kong recognized by Certified Professional Organizer (CPO)® from Board of Certification for Professional Organizers (BCPO®) in 2017.

阿橙現為美國NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers)「美國專業整理師協會」的專業會員及英國APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers) 的國際會員。2017年二月份取得美國NAPO的「家居整理」(Residential Organizing) 及「工作場所生產力」(Workplace Productivity) 這兩項專家資格證明 (Specialist Certificate),修畢超過20門專業學分課程,是香港第一個拿到以上兩項資格的人。



乘著那風的幻想 - 一些治癒過我們的廣東歌詞 Canton Music Heals (按此報名)

 試回想幾句能打動你的歌詞, 你會啍出什麼?

「So I say I love you」 還是 「外間很多反對我愛你的聲音 」 ?

作詞人究竟如何讓歌詞走入我們的心? 背後有著什麼信念或者堅持? 聽眾又可以從什麼角度欣賞廣東歌詞?


講者: 陳詠謙

日期: 2022年10月14日 (五)

時間: 1700 - 1830

地點: 樹華電子智源中心 (C-LP-02室)

語言: 廣東話


報名截止日期: 10月2日






拳擊的哲學 The Philosophy of Boxing (Register here)



While boxing is often misunderstood as a violent activity, it is actually a well-developed sport worldwide. Not only does it involve studies in detailed physical movement, but also philosophical and ethical exploration. This autumn, we invited Hong Kong active boxing athletes and coach, Day, to illustrate his philosophy and ideas of boxing. Join us to train your body and mind!


Date: 28 Oct 2022 (Fri)

Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm

Venue: Strike Boxing Club, Kwai Chung

Quota: 20

Guest speaker: Mr Day Yuen (袁文俊)

Registration Deadline: 21 Oct 2022 (Fri)

袁文俊簡介 (Day Yuen)

香港現役拳擊運動員、綜合格鬥技運動員,及Strike Boxing Club創辦人及教練。自2002年在亞洲青年盃獲得銀牌,他多年來以港隊代表身份出戰海外賽並多次獲勝。為五屆60kg及64kg量級香港拳擊冠軍。

Hong Kong active boxer, mixed martial arts athlete, and founder and coach of Strike Boxing Club. In 2002, he won the silver medal of the Asian Youth Cup, and played overseas competitions representing Hong Kong for many years. He has also won 5 times of the 60kg and 64kg Hong Kong Boxing Championship.