Award - English Language Improvement Award


With a view to raising students’ awareness of the fact that continuous development of language proficiency requires continued efforts, an “English Language Improvement Award” (thereafter called “Award”) comprising a one-off financial reward and a certificate of improvement is established to recognise students who strive for improvement in English language proficiency.


The Award – eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the Award, a person must be a full-time undergraduate student of the University (including students from UGC-funded programmes and self-financed programmes) admitted in 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17 and his/her overall level[1] in the second English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA)[2] must be higher than his/her overall level in the first ELPA. The amount of the financial reward will vary in accordance with the degree of improvement as prescribed in the table below. No Award will be given to students whose overall level in the second ELPA is not 0.5 level higher than that in the first ELPA.


Degree of improvement (i.e., overall level in the second ELPA minus overall level in the first ELPA of the same student)

Corresponding financial reward

Corresponding certificate

From 0.5 to <1.0


Certificate of ELPA advancement

From 1.0 to <1.5


From 1.5 to <2.0


ELPA Improvement Award

2.0 or above


Table 1: Proposed criteria for different amount of financial rewards

In addition, to be eligible for the Award, the overall level in the first ELPA of the student concerned must be above “2.5”.


The Award – procedures

Students who fulfill the aforementioned criteria will be given the Award automatically on the basis of the difference between their first and second ELPA results (as stipulated above) which are confirmed by the Centre for Language in Education (CLE) and the Assessment Research Centre. Students will not need to make any applications in order to receive the Award. Eligible students will be contacted by CLE for collection of the cheque and the certificate by email.


The ELPA results announced by CLE are final. Students cannot apply for any review of the ELPA results nor re-taking the ELPA. Students are therefore reminded to take the ELPA seriously.


The Award – the possibility of terminating/withdrawing the Award

The University shall have the authority to terminate or withdraw the Award without prior notices if the awardee is found to have committed any student misconduct/misbehaviour or academic dishonesty within the period of their studies in the University.


The award might not be given to students who do not complete the 1st and/or the 2nd ELPA according to the schedule set by CLE without any prior notice and justifications accepted by CLE.



Should you have any enquiries in this regard, please feel free to contact Ms Ada LAW of CLE or email to elpa@eduhk.hk.


[1] The “overall level” stated herein refers to the mean between levels of the five ELPA papers, i.e., Writing, Speaking, Listening, Reading and Vocabulary. ELPA assesses performance on a scale of 1 to 7.

[2] Starting from 2014/15, all full-time undergraduate students are required to take the ELPA twice during their undergraduate studies. The “first ELPA” stated herein refers to the ELPA students take before/around the commencement of the semester 1 of their Year 1, i.e., usually held in August/September. The “second ELPA” refers to the ELPA students take before the commencement of the semester 1 of their Year 3, i.e., usually held in April/May in their Year 2.

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