The Centre for Language in Education (CLE) supports the University’s mission to nurture bi-literate and trilingual students to become global citizens. To cater for the new needs and challenges in the changing educational landscape, CLE has been constantly refining and perfecting its Chinese, English and Putonghua language support services offered to local, mainland and international students.
As one of the university language centres in Hong Kong, CLE adopts best practice benchmarking to enhance language learning. CLE’s active collaboration with local universities in funded projects and engagement of internationally-renowned scholars in consultancy work and professional development for colleagues are ongoing efforts of CLE’s benchmarking at local and international levels.
In the delivery of language enhancement courses, CLE endeavours to

 demonstrate excellence in curriculum design in all programmes for different student groups,

 provide models for language teaching, and

 consolidate assessment for learning in the assessment of students’ learning outcomes.


To provide students with more non-formal language learning opportunities, CLE complements classroom learning by

 designing and organising co-curricular and extra-curricular language activities, and

 providing a range of self-access and independent learning resources, multi-media facilities and intercultural activities at the Arthur Samy Language Learning Centre. 

As language educators, the teachers of CLE enjoy working with students as they seek out-of-class language support that is offered on a one-to-one basis, in small groups or through workshops and contests.  

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