The research projects of the Centre cover an array of exploration and collaborative investigation on language learning and teaching. Recent projects include:

Principal Investigator Co-principal Investigator/ Co-investigator Project Type/ Funding Source Project title


LEUNG Pui Wan Pamela and WANG Wen Chung

UGC funded project/ UGC, EdUHK & HKUST

ELPA: a Collaborative Project on Developing an English Test to Assess Students’ English Proficiency after Admission

CHENG Kat Hung Dennis

SI Chung Mou and LEUNG Pui Wan Pamela/ KAN Hon Kin, KWONG Oi Ping, LEE Yuen Man, LEUNG Wai Ha and TSE Chun Yip

UGC funded project/ UGC, EdUHK & HKU

Inter-institutional Collaboration on the Development of a Generally Recognized University Chinese Test and the Construction of a Complementary Repository of Question Papers

CHONG Sin Wang Ivan


Faculty-level TDG project/ EdUHK

Developing an Exemplar Anthology and Online Exemplar Platform for IELTS Writing

CHU Wing Ki Blanche

CHOI Wai Ching Jessie, WONG Mei Kiu Fanny, LIN Yanyan Catherine, CHOW Wing Yee Cherry, CHAN Ka Yee Shirley, MAO Qunfan Desiree and CHOW Wing Kai Ernest

Faculty-level TDG project/ EdUHK

Enhancing IELTS Grammar Training for "At-Risk" Students' on Accelerated Learning Track Course (ALT) in the English Enhancement Curriculum

TSE Chun Yip

KAN Hon Kin, KWONG Oi Ping, LEE Yuen Man, LEUNG Wai Ha and PANG Chin Chi Peter

Faculty-level TDG project/ EdUHK

中文成語網上自學教材 (The online self-learning package on Chinese idioms)

LEUNG Pui Wan Pamela

TSE Ching Yee Amelia

Faculty-level TDG project/ EdUHK

Enhancing EdUHK Students’ IELTS and General Vocabulary through Incorporating e-Learning into English Enhancement Courses

POON Hon Fong

KAN Hon Kin, KWONG Oi Ping, LEE Yuen Man and LEUNG Wai Ha

Faculty-level TDG project/ EdUHK

Interactive Online Self-access Learning Package for Chinese Writing Skills


KEUNG Shuet/ LAU Tak Sin and LEE-WONG Ping

Faculty-level TDG project/  EdUHK

Development of New Putonghua Enhancement Course (Bridging) and relevant teaching materials: Teaching and Learning Putonghua from Cultural and Pragmatics perspectives

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