Online English Consultations

What are they?


Online consultation sessions are open to all students of the University who seek for help with their English studies. Each consultation session lasts for 30 minutes and can be done using text messaging, audio and video call through “Go To The Meeting”.

Areas of support


The aim of the online consultation sessions is to provide opportunities to seek English tutor’s help and advice on how to improve general and specific English skills. The sessions are offered exclusively to students who might not be available to join the language activities held during the daytime at the ASLLC.


The sessions are mainly focused on the following areas:


  • Reading and Writing
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Pronunciation and Oral Presentation
  • Exam & study skills


  1.  Students should access the Online Booking System of ASLLC to book a specific timeslot
  2.  Students will receive a confirmation e-mail if their bookings are accepted
  3.  Students should fill out the mandatory Basic Consultation Information form (https://goo.gl/forms/IuahsGGAGwTwtUQI3) right after reading the confirmation e-mail
  4.  Once having a slot booked, students should prepare and arrange all necessary conditions and materials for the online consultation and download “Go to meeting” App on their desktops/notebooks/laptops using Chrome
  5.  Students will receive a meeting invitation email (including the access code and other necessary information) before the meeting dates
  6.  On the consultation time and date, students should prepare all information needed and ensure that they can have a good internet connection (with both web camera and microphone working if they want to have an audio and/or video call) and a quiet environment for carrying out the consultation.
  7.  On the consultation time and date, students should go to the “Go to meeting” website and type in their access code/meeting ID (which can be found on the activity posters and the meeting invitation email) to get to the meeting rooms
  8.  At the end of the consultation session, students should fill in the "Consultation evaluation form"

Points to note

1. Participants are required to

~ report their attendance in all online sessions by providing their full names and student ID numbers.

~show their faces via a webcam throughout the online sessions they are participating in.

2. Permissions of students are granted automatically to our Centre for video-taking or recording their involvement in the activity if they join our online activity.


[Remarks: To learn more on how to attend a meeting in Go To Meeting, please watch the Online English Guide titled “How to Join as an Attendee on GoToMeeting

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