What are they?

ASLLC consultation sessions are open to all students of the University (except the ones with special entry requirements set by tutors) who would like to practise Chinese, English, Putonghua and Cantonese skills and receive feedback and advice for further improvement. The sessions are held by the teaching staff of the Centre for Language in Education (CLE), international tutors and student tutors all year round. Each consultation session lasts for 1 hour. The schedule of consultation sessions is posted onto the ASLLC online booking website. Please read our Booking Guidelines for further information.

Where to go?

Consultations are held on the weekdays of the semester in ASLLC (B3-G/F-05).

Areas of support

 Speaking                                      Writing

Pronunciation                                                Essay writing
Presentation skills                                         IELTS writing practice
IELTS speaking practice                                Report writing
Social conversation skills                             Business writing
Job interview skills                                        Vocabulary building
Putonghua Proficiency Test

Consultation evaluation

Please click here for the “Consultation Evaluation Form”:

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