Walk-in English Consultations


What are they?

Walk-in consultations are open to all students of the University to practise English skills and receive feedback and advice for further improvement if they are in urgent need of a consultation. The sessions are held by the international tutors of the Centre for Language in Education (CLE). Each consultation session lasts for 30 mins (at the maximum).

What to do?

  1. Please drop in at your chosen walk-in timeslot to ensure that there is a tutor available for you (No booking required!)

  2. Please wait at the back of the walk-in queue for consultation (depending on availability of consultation hours and tutors) if a consultation session has started.

  3. The consultation session will go to those who are waiting in line if the previous session ends early.

  4. Each student is permitted to have ONE 30-minute session per day so that other students can also make use of our service.

Consultation evaluation

Please complete the “Consultation Evaluation Form” after each consultation session

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