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What is an English Café?

The aim of the Language Café is to have a forum to practise English in a fun and unthreatening environment. It is a social space for students to meet, talk and learn English together in an informal and sociable way. English café is run by the international tutors of EdUHK.

What to do?

There are many topics and interesting areas students can choose to work with our tutors. For example:


 Film time

 TV time



 Casual chats


 Leisure events


How to particpate?

 Students can come individually, in pairs or groups.

 No booking is needed (but please check the schedule in the CLE webpage).

 Just drop in and register in our information counter

 Tips for joining the café:

       Introduce yourself, say who you are and why you have come

       Let the tutor have your name and contact details so you can be kept in touch with Language Café activities

       Make sure you are aware of any Language Café rules or codes of conduct

       Don’t worry about making mistakes in your language as everyone will be at different levels

       Don’t be afraid to have a go but it is also OK to just listen

When and where to go?

Activities take place at the ASLLC (B3-G-05).

English Cafe Schedule

Day/Time Thursday Wednesday Friday





Quota: 5 students per session

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