Language Advising

In the process of preparing your learner plan or independent learning journey, you could make use of the language advising service provided at ASLLC.

What is it?

It is a one-to-one consultation service for students who would like to be an independent language learner. We can help with:

 assessing weaknesses and strengths

 developing a study plan

 identifying resources related to learning goals

 checking progress regularly


How to book the service?

 book a timeslot with our staff at ASLLC counter (B3-G-05)

 Each session lasts for 1 hour

 Each student can book only one session per day

 Remember to bring along your learner plan with you for the first consultation (template of learner plan can be downloaded HERE ).


Where to go?

Sessions are held every weekday of the semester in ASLLC (B3-G/F-05)


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