CLE1221 exemption - NCS students

Arrangements for exemption from CLE1221/CLE1234 and "make-up" course registration - Non-Chinese-speaking students

To: non-Chinese-speaking (NCS) students

All Year-1 full-time undergraduate students admitted in 2016/17 and thereafter have to take a 3-credit-point Chinese enhancement course CLE1221 “Chinese Language I”/CLE1234 "University Chinese" in the semester 1/2 of Year 1.  Nevertheless, non-local students who have little or no knowledge of (written) Chinese could be exempted from CLE1221/CLE1234 on the condition that they will take another 3-credit-point course as a make-up from the pool of courses tabulated below in any semester during their undergraduate studies in the University.

Offering unit

Course code

Course title



Cantonese for Non-Chinese Speakers



Putonghua for Non-Chinese Speakers



Intermediate Chinese for Non-Chinese Speakers



The Chinese Narrative: Art and Music



Being Chinese: Insights from Cross-cultural Psychology



Chinese Literature in English Translation



Japanese I



French I



Korean I

A non-local NCS student will be exempted and de-registered from the course CLE1221/CLE1234. However, as mentioned above, they need to take one “make-up” course (chosen from the table above) to replace CLE1221/CLE1234.

They should follow the below procedures:

(1)    Register for any ONE course stated in the table above by themselves during the online course registration period (as assigned by the Registry). They should also note that not all the courses stated in the table above will be offered. Therefore it is important for them to check the availability of the course and register for it during the online course registration period by themselves.

(2)    After online registration for the course, they are also required to indicate the course as a replacement of the said Chinese enhancement course via the e-formhttps://eduhk.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cVbIFvAGU5tPAnH

Same as CLE1221/CLE1234, the grade of the “make-up” course they indicated in the said e-form will not be counted towards their GPA. (Note 1)

Please contact Mr Tom CHAN at 2948-8043 or cle@eduhk.hk for any enquiries regarding this arrangement.

Note 1: If NCS students took a 3-credit-point course (from the pool above) as a make-up course for the credit-bearing Chinese enhancement course (CLE1221/CLE1234) but eventually failed the make-up course, they will be allowed to choose a different course or the same course (from the same pool as shown above) for which its results will not be counted towards the GPA of the students concerned, while the results of the “originally-chosen” make-up course will also not be counted towards their GPA.

No matter which course the students concerned may choose as the make-up course or the “new” make-up course for CLE1221/CLE1234, they should inform CLE (cle@eduhk.hk) of their decisions once they complete the course registration for the make-up course. Otherwise students concerned may not be regarded as having fulfilled the relevant language enhancement course/credit points requirement.

Below is an example:

NCS student XX took the course LIN1012 in semester 1 of 2017/18 as the make-up course for CLE1221. However, student XX failed LIN1012 in semester 1 of 2017/18.

In this connection, after semester 1 of 2017/18, student XX is allowed to choose a different course (e.g., LIN1014) or the same course (LIN1012) as the make-up course for CLE1221.

If student XX chose LIN1014 as the “new” make-up course and once student XX successfully registered for LIN1014, student XX should notify CLE (cle@eduhk.hk) that LIN1014 will be chosen as the make-up course for CLE1221.

If student XX eventually passed LIN1014 in semester 2 of 2017/18, the results of both LIN1012 (student XX failed in semester 1 of 2017/18) and LIN1014 (student XX passed in semester 2 of 2017/18) will not be counted towards the GPA of student XX.


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