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04 Dec, 2023

MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is now open for application!

Programme Code: A1M057

Study Mode: One-year Full-time

Application Deadline: 23 February 2024

Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages [MATESOL]

(for students admitted in previous cohorts, please refer to your Programme Handbook)


The MATESOL programme is offered in a one-year full-time mode. Most courses are offered once per year. Full-time students are expected to complete the programme requirements within one year. Classes for full-time mode will be mostly conducted on weekday evenings, while some classes will be held in the morning and/or afternoon of weekdays/Saturdays. Where necessary, classes may be arranged during long holidays (e.g., to make up classes affected by bad weather). Classes will be conducted mainly at our Tai Po Campus, while some courses might be held at the Tseung Kwan O Study Center/ North Point Study Centre/ Kowloon Tong Satellite Study Centre/ Sports Centre. Students with strong aspiration to pursue a research degree may wish to take the Dissertation track (prerequisite: grade ‘B’ or above in the Second Language Research Methods course).




The programme will be taught over two semesters, September-December and January-June. There will be a non-teaching period before the end of each semester for students to complete course assignments. Students normally complete all coursework by the end of May, or early-June for students taking the Dissertation. Final results are normally announced in August.


Degree Strands by Coursework*


  • MATESOL (English Studies) provides a broad-based introduction to TESOL research and practice. It is especially suited to local and overseas English language teachers who need to upgrade their subject knowledge base and professional qualifications.
  • MATESOL (General) provides a broad-based introduction to TESOL research and practice through core courses and free choice of a wide range of electives.


Degree Strand by Coursework and Dissertation*


  • MATESOL (Applied Linguistics) provides a broad-based introduction to TESOL research and a firm grounding in research methodology. It is designed for students with a particular interest in TESOL research as a gateway to EdD or PhD study.
  • MATESOL (Digital Technology for English Learning and Teaching) focuses on the integration of the use of digital tools and data techniques for linguistics and language research. It helps students implement a digital solution for a theoretical/applied linguistic inquiry of the English language. It is especially suited for students intended to conduct research on digital technology for English learning and teaching.

*  MATESOL is recognised by The Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) as English language major degree programme; it is also included in the list of “Programmes Accepted for Grants under the Professional Development Incentive Grant Scheme for Language Teachers”. For details, please refer to Education Bureau’s website.


*  Students will be allowed to declare their degree strands after commencement of Semester 1. Not all MATESOL degree strands/courses will be offered every year.


Programme Requirements


The programme requirement for all degree strands is 24 cps. All participants must complete 2 core courses of 3 cps each (6 cps), as follows:

  • ELT Methodology: Innovation and Change
  • Second Language Research Methods

In addition, the strand-specific requirements are as follows:


MATESOL (English Studies)


  • English Phonetics and Phonology
  • Lexis, Morphology and Semantics
  • Pedagogical Grammar
  • Psycholinguistics and Second Language Acquisition
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Written and Spoken Discourse

MATESOL (General)


  • any 6 Electives

MATESOL (Applied Linguistics)


  • Dissertation (equivalent to 2 courses)
  • any 4 Electives

MATESOL (Digital Technology for English Learning and Teaching)


  • Dissertation (equivalent to 2 courses)
  • English Language Teaching in Action
  • Digital Technology for English Studies
  • any 2 Electives




Any aspect of course offerings (including, without limitation, the content of the course and the manner in which the course is taught) may be subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the University. Without limiting the right of the University to amend the course and its course offerings, it is envisaged that changes may be required due to factors such as staffing, enrolment levels, logistical arrangements, curriculum changes, and other factors caused by unforeseeable circumstances. Tuition fees, once paid, are non-refundable.


In 2024/25, the default mode of teaching of all classes will be in-person on campus using face-to-face mode. Students who are currently not in Hong Kong are advised to make their travel plans as early as possible.


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