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Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages [MATESOL]

Students with relevant postgraduate qualifications may apply for credit transfer* for some courses taken at the postgraduate level. Normally, not more than 25% of the required number of credits for the MATESOL award can be transferred. 

*The validity period of previous qualifications (postgraduate courses) for credit transfer is 5 years.


Articulation with PDES and PGDE programmes


Students who have completed PDES or PGDE (with teaching subject study in English) at EDUHK can apply for credit transfer after registering for the MATESOL programme. Normally credit transfer will be granted to students who have achieved grade B- or above in any of the following courses:


For PDES and PGDE (with teaching subject study in English) graduates*


ENG 5210 Psycholinguistics and Second Language Acquisition
ENG 5211 Sociolinguistics and English as an International Language
ENG 5212 English Phonetics and Phonology for ELT
ENG 5213 Written and Spoken Discourse for ELT
ENG 5214 Pedagogical Grammar
ENG 5215 Literature and Language Arts in English
ENG 5216 Lexis, Morphology and Semantics for ELT


For enquiries, PDES and PGDE graduates may contact us at


*Students who have completed the equivalent courses in the MATESOL may also apply for credit transfer to the PGDE. Programme Committees and academic departments may prescribe specific requirements and a time-limit for eligibility for credit transfer. The latest requirements and time-limits are listed in the Registry website.


Useful Link for Our Current Students

For policy, guidelines and application procedure on credit transfer, please refer to the Registry website.

Postgraduate Programmes