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Master of Arts in Global Histories of Education [MAGHE]

The MAGHE programme familiarises students with historical developments in education during the last two centuries in East Asia and beyond. It thereby provides a global perspective on key issues in the history of education. These include the implementation of national school systems, the growth of university education, the increasing role of international organisations (such as UNESCO and OECD), and the more recent rise of standardised testing and international rankings.


MAGHE is an interdisciplinary programme and brings together courses in global history, the history of education and comparative education. It is geared towards a deeper understanding of the present state of education and will provide students with a grounded perspective on the future. The programme aims at cultivating graduates with an awareness of the historical processes that forged and continue to shape modern education systems in East Asia and worldwide, and thereby equips students with professionally relevant academic knowledge. It can also serve as a stepping stone for doctoral studies.


In short, the MAGHE programme enables students to:

  • understand globalisation through the history of education;
  • analyse historical developments in education worldwide;
  • critically assess current education systems and imagine the future of education; and
  • develop the ability to engage in educational reform and assist in leadership roles in educational contexts; or to succeed in further postgraduate research


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