Application for Academic Documents

Considering the risk of infection and to keep social distancing, please use online service for application of academic documents instead of submitting paper forms on campus.
For other applications, you may
  1. send in an e-copy of your form through email (;
  2. send the paper form by post; or
  3. drop in the collection box inside the Information Centre (Room A-G/F-11, Tai Po Campus).
All your requested documents will be sent by post. Please provide the address slip accordingly when you complete the form.
For the certificates with graduation dates in 2020 except for the Professional Development Programmes (PDP), the certificates currently kept in Registry will be distributed only if your postal address is received. You may write to us by email at for postal delivery arrangement if you have not completed the online registration before.
If you have any questions, please contact us at 2948 6177 or by email at